Lost Laptops Fuelling Encryption Sales?

There have recently been some well-publicized cases of employees losing their laptops, where of course the laptops weren't encrypted. For example the recent theft of a laptop from UC Berkley that compromised the personal information of nearly 100,000 almuni – or two laptops stolen from a medical group that contained information on nearly twice that many patients. 

This must be scaring top management. And it will probably be a nice stimulus to vendors offering email encryption tools. PGP illustrates. On May 9th, it announced PGP Whole Disk, which automatically encrypts everything on a hard disk

... David Ferris and David Via

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  1. Ashish Gupta
    Posted May 5, 2005 at 1:07 PM | Permalink

    I completly agree with David Ferris and David Via on this. Laptop theft is becoming a serious problem. I want to mention one more well publicized laptop theft case at a major academic insitution to further highlight this issue. The laptop was stolen from Oklahoma State University’s Career Service department and had confidential information (including SSN etc). Pl check out the following news coverage by KOTV

    These thefts raises serious concerns for issues like identity theft.
    Infact, i feel that not just encryption tools can help but also some data purtabation tools can play a big role.

    Ashish Gupta

  2. Ashley K
    Posted May 12, 2005 at 6:00 AM | Permalink

    Well it’s the encryption companies who are minting money here..
    PGP https://www.pgp.com/ and WinEncrypt https://www.winencrypt.com/ announced new encryption software, I believe other crypto companies are not far behind.

    So encryption will slowly become a must for laptops.

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