Avoid Repurposing If You Don’t Want to be Seen as a Spammer

When someone gives you their email address, there's an expectation about what you're going to use that email address for. It's an implied contract, which identifies the types of messages that you're going to send to that address. By extension, you're agreeing the types of messages that you're not going to send.

There's currently a lot of fuss about a hosted anti-spam company that allegedly mailed its customers' technical contacts with a marketing message.  When customers sign up with this company, it asks for a "technical contact" to whom it sends email about service outages, trouble-ticket updates, etc.

That's where the implied contract lies. The technical contact has a clear expectation of the types of messages they'll receive, and that doesn't include marketing.

Increasingly, users are fed up with this type of abuse. It's known as "re-purposing" a list of addresses.

Other References

Other comments on how legitimate direct marketers can get their messages through more reliably, while avoiding being seen as a spammer, can be seen at  [1], [2], [3], [4], [5].

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