Lemonade: Important Open Standard for Mobile Devices

Blackberries seem to be everywhere these days. They are a clear demonstration that mobile messaging is good for many people, and that RIM leads the market.

It's disappointing that most of the competitive buzz is on (other) proprietary alternatives. Microsoft is providing Exchange access libraries for use with Symbian, to help drive clients locked into Exchange. There are various solutions using servers that may back-end onto open servers, but do proprietary things to the phone.

This is sad. Fortunately, an open standards alternative is emerging. This is the IETF's (Internet Engineering Task Force) wonderfully named LEMONADE ("License to Enhanced Mobile Oriented And Diverse Endpoints") working group, set up to propose messaging standard extensions in support of smart phones, set-top boxes, other memory/processor limited devices and bandwidth/latency challenged networks.

Technically, this work can do what is needed. It can give service provider and customer flexibility, and drive down prices.   

At Isode, we've been promoting this open standard view. There are more technical details about this in a recent Isode white paper: https://www.isode.com/whitepapers/lemonade-open-standards.html

... Steve Kille

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    Mobile Messaging

    Our CEO, Steve Kille, has been guest-posting on the Ferris Research Weblog on a subject close to our hearts, Open Standards in mobile messaging. The main point of the post we’ve stated publicly before (and here on this blog) but

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