Blogs–Good to See as Low-Overhead Publishing, Not Just Casual Interactions

Blogs are a very good way to share information.

However, almost all blogs today are very informal. It's usually fine to toss out casual opinions and indulge in a spot of fun. Blogs are seen as democratic technologies that let anyone communicate opinions and information with anyone that's interested. They're like latter-day email bulletin boards in this regard.

There's another way of looking at blogs, where they are seen as low-in-efforts and low-in-cost ways of publishing information. This parallels high quality moderated bulletin boards, where considerated thought is given to published items.

This is, by the way, how Ferris Research sees its blog: as a convenient publishing vehicle for considered observations by an expert. We don't mind if the opinion is incorrect one time in 15 or 20; but usually, the blog item should be correct.

... David Ferris

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