Mobile Messaging Devices: What Will Be the Most Common Personal Applications?

Tomorrow’s mobile messaging devices will contain a lot of personal applications, in addition to business applications. Many will be highly person-dependent. Eg, your editor has a French dictionary, a Le Monde newsfeed, a restaurant guide, a local train and subway…... read more »

Oracle Reports Q4 GAAP EPS of 20 Cents, Non-GAAP EPS of 26 Cents up 36%

Oracle released results for 1Q2005, ended May 31. Revenue increased 26% to $3.88 billion with a GAAP net income of $1.02 billion.... read more »

Microsoft’s Enforcing of SPF is Good

Some commentators have reacted badly to the recent announcement that MSN will start testing for the presence of senders’ SPF records. They have described it as Microsoft pushing Sender ID down peoples’ throats. We disagree Microsoft isn’t asking people to…... read more »

Novell Shows Off New GroupWise Beta

eWeek: Click Here for Story... read more »

Analysis of MSN’s Increased Use of SPF/Sender ID

Analysis of MSN’s Increased Use of SPF/Sender ID... read more »

Email Hygiene Managed Services Will Filter Other Channels, Not Just Email

Today, services such as those from MessageLabs, Postini, Frontbridge, MX Logic, and Black Spider focus on filtering email. They mainly look for spam and viruses, and gradually are adding other services such as encryption and archiving. Such services can apply…... read more »

Clearswift launches the MIMEsweeper SMTP Appliance

Clearswift announced MIMEsweeper SMTP Appliance, its email security appliance. Key features: web-based management, quarantine areas, and delegated administration, among others. Available 3Q2005.... read more »

Privacy Regulations Stimulate SME Demand for Managed Services for Email Encryption

Privacy regulations are now being brought to bear on many small and medium sized organizations, that have very limited IT resources. Such as hospitals, doctors’ offices, and small and medium sized banks. This imposes a requirement for them to be…... read more »

Waterford Launches New Release Of MailMeter Archive

Waterford Technologies released version 3.0 of MailMeter Archive, its email archiving, searching and reporting solution for Exchange and Lotus Notes/Domino. Captures and stores message data, content and attachments in a compressed and encrypted archive. Available immediately.... read more »

Trend Micro Ships Newest InterScan Web Security Suite

Trend Micro released version 2.5 of Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Suite, its gateway security solution. Key enhancements: cleanup of impacted clients, block outbound "phone home" communications, and malicious mobile code detection, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Crude Mobile Messaging Device/PC Integration

Despite the fact that most people with a PC also have a mobile phone, we have the bizarre situation today that on the mobile phone, most people enter contact info directly instead of syncing with their PC. The reason is…... read more »

Price for Private Messaging Firms Typically 2 to 4 Times Sales

When companies acquire a privately held messaging firm, what do they pay? Most of the deals are two to four times the revenues of the 12 months’ revenues prior to when the deal takes place. Sometimes the price can be much higher. Eg, in July 2004, Symantec paid $28M for TurnTide. TurnTide had innovative anti-spam […]... read more »

Retraction: Blackberry Has Excellent S/MIME Support

Ferris Research published a bulletin recently about encryption on Blackberry. We stated that Blackberry does not support S/MIME. This is incorrect. We goofed and apologize. Blackberry has comprehensive S/MIME support, which is well documented on the RIM Web Site. Author:…... read more »

GPRS Roaming Fees Will Drop Massively

GPRS roaming agreements between countries are often extremely expensive. This is especially true in Europe, and particularly noticeable between adjacent countries. Eg, the charge to send from Spain’s Movistar to the UK’s Orange is $17 per MB. Mobile messaging users…... read more »

Proofpoint Introduces Version 3.1 Advances to Its Messaging Security Software and Hardware Solutions

Proofpoint announced version 3.1 of Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway and Proofpoint Protection Server, its messaging security solutions. Key enhancements: workflow content security, compliance incident manager which allows managers to review content security violations and take appropriate actions on non-compliant messages, and simplified digital asset and policy management, among others. Available July 2005.... read more »

Cisco’s Involvement in DomainKeys Doesn’t Affect Authentication Much

Cisco and Yahoo! recently announced they have brought their two certificate-based approaches to email authentication in sync. The two approaches were: DomainKeys from Yahoo! and Internet Identified Mail from Cisco. The combined technology solution will be called DomainKeys Identified Mail…... read more »

Orchestria Announces Latest Version of Award Winning Compliance Solution

Orchestria announced version 4.0 of Orchestria, its active policy management solution. Key enhancements: updated policy library, additional mechanisms for fine tuning how policy applies within an enterprise user hierarchy, and control of web-blogging, among others.... read more »

Hummingbird Announces Agreement to Acquire RedDot Solutions

Hummingbird announced the acquisition of RedDot Solutions, a provider of content management software, for an initial cash consideration of €39.1 million ($47.5 million) and an additional cash consideration estimated at approximately €4.5 million ($5.5 million) payable after December 31, 2005.... read more »

AdvisorMail Announces Advanced Search Capabilities for Archived Message Data

LiveOffice released AdvisorMail Global Power Search, its search tool for archived message data Allows users to conduct full text searches and download specific search results in PST or EML format. Available immediately.... read more »

Proofpoint Debuts Messaging Security Appliance for Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

Proofpoint announced Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway X-Series, its email security gateway appliance for small- and medium-sized enterprises. Key features: spam detection, virus protection, and email policy enforcement, among others. Available July, 2005.... read more »

Block Messages Before Viruses

You need to scan incoming email for malware, such as spam and phishing and viruses. It’s wrong to scan for viruses first. That is a cycle-intensive process that requires opening up messages and assessing the contents. Scanning for malware needs…... read more »

Vericept to Acquire Black White Box

Vericept announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Black White Box, a provider of control and management of end-point devices.... read more »

iLumin Releases New Version Of E-mail Discovery Tool

iLumin Software released version 2.0 of Assentor Discovery, its email discovery tool . Key enhancements: "legal hold" feature, which gives companies the ability to classify and protect a set of messages from deletion; search by email address, employee number or Assentor ID; and search for messages with attachments; among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Trend Micro Offers Three New Anti-Spyware Solutions, Continuing Its Momentum in Stopping Spyware

Trend Micro announced Trend Micro Anti-Spyware, three solutions that detect and remove evasive spyware and grayware for the home, small-to-medium business, and the enterprise. Key features: real-time detection and removal of spyware and grayware, Designed to operate alongside various antivirus and security software, and CWShredder, for eliminating the CoolWebSearch web browsing hijacker and its many […]... read more »

25% of Legitimate Mail Now Uses SPF/SenderID

According to the Microsoft people at Hotmail, roughly 25% of inbound email now has an appropriate SPF record. This is encouraging news. It means that more and more domain owners are publishing SPF records that say which machines on the…... read more »

Highlights From German Notes User Group; Day Two

Deployment Figures Ed Brill gave an update on current deployment figures for Notes/Domino: Currently about 61,000 enterprises use Lotus Notes Domino products About 116 million client licenses have been sold. Note the difference in meaning from "about 116 million people currently use it" Large Investments in Linux A very interesting session underlined IBM’s commitment to […]... read more »

Where to Exhibit and Meet Exchange Users

Where are the best places to take a booth and meet Exchange admins and messaging managers? The top three are: Tech·Ed. Eg, see Tech·Ed Europe. Eg, see Microsoft Exchange Connections. Eg, see In addition, depending on your offering, you may want to consider: US RSA Conference. Eg, see Gartner IT Expo. […]... read more »

Spyware Acquisitions All the Rage

There have been a rash of spyware acquisitions over the last few months. Most recently, in May, Trend bought anti-spyware vendor Intermute. And now FaceTime announced it has purchased X-Block. Reader: If you’re lucky enough to own a spyware firm with good technology, keep your cool. Get a bidding war going and hold out for […]... read more »

TLS Not Important for Privacy & Secure Messaging

Vendors make out that TLS support is important, that it helps you satisfy privacy regulations. Eg, see and What TLS does is to encrypt emails sent between SMTP MTAs. So it does help privacy, to the extent that…... read more »

Trend Micro Acquires Kelkea Inc.

Trend Micro announced it has acquired Kelkea a provider of IP filtering and reputation services.... read more »

Ferris Weblog Now Has Full RSS, Atom Feeds

We now provide full text syndication for our insight bulletins in both RSS 1.0 and Atom. This means you can read the bulletins in your browser as well as your favorite aggregator such as NetNewsWire, NewsGator or Bloglines. If you…... read more »

Where High Availability Email is Essential

A recent Ferris bulletin argued the case for high availability email. It noted that "Productivity of less-motivated staff takes a really bad hit, and that translates immediately to real costs". The point is valid, but there are many situations where high availability email is important, not just for economic reasons. An example is air traffic […]... read more »

New Bigfix Anti-Spyware Offerings Enhance Security, Operations Continuity and Employee Productivity

BigFix announced BigFix AntiPest and BigFix Client Manager for Spyware Tools, its anti-spyware solutions. AntiPest key features: protection against spyware, adware, keyloggers, remote access trojans, and browser hijackers; silent detection and removal of software pests; and distribution of updated definitions; among others. Client Manager provides distribution, updates and management of detection and removal definition files […]... read more »

McAfee, Inc. Announces Streaming Updates for the Most Up-to-Date, Proactive Protection Against Unwanted Email

McAfee announced an enhancement for McAfee SpamKiller and McAfee WebShield, its secure content management appliances. Offers streaming updates for proactive spam updates every five to ten minutes. Available immediately.... read more »

Never IM in This Town Again!

Wired News: Click Here for Story... read more »