Why High Email Availability is Important

It's important to make sure email systems are up almost all the time.

Why is this? After all:

  • If email goes down for an hour or two, you can usually shift gears and work on something else
  • A Ferris Research survey of CIOs in 2004 showed that very high email availability wasn't high on the messaging priorities of CIOs

The answer is: Productivity of less-motivated staff takes a really bad hit, and that translates immediately to real costs. When email goes down, they shrug their shoulders and say, "Oh well, I'll just take a longer lunch break, and get going again when the system's up." Or something like that. In other words, they figure it's the organization's fault and they have the right to twiddle their thumbs until email's back online.

With thanks to Will Luden (InfoPartners) and Steve Lewis (Teneros) for pointing this out

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