Ferris Weblog Now Has Full RSS, Atom Feeds

We now provide full text syndication for our insight bulletins in both RSS 1.0 and Atom. This means you can read the bulletins in your browser as well as your favorite aggregator such as NetNewsWire, NewsGator or Bloglines. If you…... read more »

Where High Availability Email is Essential

A recent Ferris bulletin argued the case for high availability email. It noted that "Productivity of less-motivated staff takes a really bad hit, and that translates immediately to real costs". The point is valid, but there are many situations where high availability email is important, not just for economic reasons. An example is air traffic […]... read more »

New Bigfix Anti-Spyware Offerings Enhance Security, Operations Continuity and Employee Productivity

BigFix announced BigFix AntiPest and BigFix Client Manager for Spyware Tools, its anti-spyware solutions. AntiPest key features: protection against spyware, adware, keyloggers, remote access trojans, and browser hijackers; silent detection and removal of software pests; and distribution of updated definitions; among others. Client Manager provides distribution, updates and management of detection and removal definition files […]... read more »

McAfee, Inc. Announces Streaming Updates for the Most Up-to-Date, Proactive Protection Against Unwanted Email

McAfee announced an enhancement for McAfee SpamKiller and McAfee WebShield, its secure content management appliances. Offers streaming updates for proactive spam updates every five to ten minutes. Available immediately.... read more »

Never IM in This Town Again!

Wired News: Click Here for Story... read more »