ICE Address–A Standard Address Book Entry for Next of Kin

An interesting concept is rapidly making the rounds in the UK, via email, as a result of the recent London bombings. You put an entry in your cellphone called ICE, which stands for In Case of Emergency. Then you put…... read more »

Symantec Reports Record First Quarter Earnings on 26% Revenue Growth

Symantec released results for 1Q2006, ended July 1, 2005. Revenue increased 26% to $700 million with a GAAP net income of $199 million.... read more »

McAfee, Inc. Reports Second Quarter Revenue of $245 Million

McAfee released results for 2Q2005, ended June 30. Revenue increased 32% to $245 million with a GAAP net income of $42 million.... read more »

Iron Mountain Incorporated Reports Second Quarter 2005 Financial Results

Iron Mountain released results for 2Q2005, ended June 30. Revenue increased 15% to $512 million with net income of $25 million.... read more »

CA Reports Q1 FY2006 Financial Results

Computer Associates released results for 1Q2006, ended June 30, 2005. Revenue increased 8% to $79.1 million with net income of $94 million.... read more »

Quest Software Extends Integration Between Exchange Migration and Management Products

Quest Software released version 5.1 of Quest Spotlight on Exchange, its Exchange management solution. Key enhancements: integration with Quest Exchange Migration Wizard, wizard to configure the integration with Exchange Migration Wizard, and getting started page, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Vardan Kushnir, Russia’s Biggest Spammer, Beaten to Death

Russian anti-spam vigilantes are a tough bunch. Not that we’d advocate this approach to reducing the global spam problem, but it’s a wonder that this hasn’t happened before. The Mosnews has the details: Author: Jeff Ubois, headline courtesy Nina…... read more »

Wireless Carriers Protect SMS Revenues from IM

A weakness of many mobile messaging platforms, including RIM’s, is the lack of universal access to public IM networks. Wireless carriers are selective about which, if any, of the consumer IM services they allow devices on their networks to connect…... read more »

Inbound/Outbound Content Checking Technology Can be Employed for Internal Inventories

Many vendors now offer products that check that data (email messages, email attachments, HTTP Posts, instant messages) crossing the Internet boundary does not violate regulations, policy, or constitute data theft by an employee or hacker. The sophisticated data analysis and…... read more »

CA Extends Industry-Leading Security Management Portfolio with Acquisition of Qurb, Inc.

Computer Associates announced the acquisition of Qurb, a provider of email security software, in an all-cash transaction. Terms of the acquisition were not announced. read more »

Proofpoint Introduces Proofpoint Secure Messaging Module, Powered by Voltage IBE, Adding Identity-Based, Policy-driven Encryption to Proofpoint’s Leading Messaging Security Solutions

Proofpoint announced a new Proofpoint Secure Messaging module, an add-on module for its messaging security solutions. Proofpoint Protection Server software and Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway appliance . Incorporates Voltage IBE (Identity-Based Encryption) technology to encrypt outbound email based on customizable policies at the email gateway. Available August 2005.... read more »

Frontbridge Acquisition by Microsoft: Part of a Hosted Pattern

The acquisition of Frontbridge by Microsoft certainly looks like its part of a pattern, but not the pattern you might think. On one hand, Frontbridge looks like it’s part of the Microsoft pattern of acquiring companies in the anti-virus, anti-spam…... read more »

Small Organizations Good Prospects for Linux-Based Email, Beware Cost of Sales

For vendors of Linux-based email servers, the low hanging fruit are at the low end: organizations with fewer than 250 seats. However, many of those organizations have little Linux expertise, so the key is for email vendors to work with…... read more »

Microsoft Acquisition of FrontBridge Validates & Encourages Hosted Filtering

On July 20, Microsoft announced it will acquire Frontbridge Technologies. See FrontBridge offers a hosted email filtering service. You route your email though FrontBridge, and the service mainly cleans out spam and viruses. It can also encrypt and archive…... read more »

Quick Summary of WebDAV: Standards-based File Sharing

WebDAV, short for Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning, is a set of extensions to the HTTP protocol that provide remote file management and collaborative editing of files. WebDAV support is included in most modern operating systems including the Explorer in…... read more »

IBM/Lotus Acquires XForms Vendor PureEdge

On July 19, IBM announced it’s buying PureEdge for its XForms capabilities. XForms is an evolving industry standard for the open exchange of rich forms. The forms have such capabilities as workflow intelligence, digital signatures, precision layouts, and offline processing….... read more »

Enterprise Content Management Will Get Much Easier to Implement

Hitherto, it’s been hard to implement enterprise content management. Over the next five years, it’ll get a lot easier. Xythos ( is an example. The whole system is designed around the use of WebDAV folders. It’s IT- and user-friendly. Xythos…... read more »

Mobius Announces Next-Generation Content Integration

Mobius Management Systems announced version 2.2 of ViewDirect Total Content Integrator, its solution for cross-repository, cross-platform access to content. Kewy enhancements: packaged adapters to IBM DB2 Content Manager OnDemand, EMC/Documentum, Microsoft SharePoint, and SQL Server and a software development kit.... read more »

Trend Micro Announces Network Anti-Spam Services

Trend Micro announced Trend Micro Network Reputation Services, its network-based anti-spam services. Key features: Trend Micro RBL+ Service which checks lists of suspect IP addresses, and Trend Micro Network Anti-Spam Service (NAS) which queries a database focused on dynamic behavioral monitoring of suspect zombie PCs.... read more »

Assessing antispam options for SMBs

TechTarget: Click Here for Story... read more »

VoIP Doesn’t Work Over Low Bandwidth, Noisy Networks Such As GPRS

VoIP services designed for broadband Internet connections, such as Skype and Vonage, aren’t viable over GPRS links today: There is not enough bandwidth. In reality, users only achieve 1-2KB/sec data rates. This is much lower than the circa-96Kbit/sec data rates employed out of the box by these services Packet losses (and hence voice dropouts) are […]... read more »

Sumatra Helps Migrate Calendars from GroupWise to Exchange

Microsoft has tools to migrate calendars from GroupWise to Exchange. Sumatra ( has new tools which significantly improve the process. Microsoft has connectors/gateways that do a good job of passing messages and directory details between Exchange and GroupWise. The Exchange…... read more »

Rejecting Spam Early May Be Bad

Many anti-spam systems reject some or all messages at a very early stage, before the messages arrive at the mail server. There are a number of techniques to achieve this. Doing this is a big performance/efficiency win. The major problem…... read more »

5 Initial Stages of Business IM Growth

How does the business user’s experience of instant messaging evolve? First, you’re unsure whether having your presence information constantly available to others will reveal too much about your business and private life; and you worry that colleagues’ privacy will be…... read more »

Protective Layers: Securing Corporate Networks

ComputerWorld: Click Here for Story... read more »

“Two-Pass” Techniques Improve Spam Filter Efficiency

Good spam filters are putting increasing emphasis on filtering some of the obvious spam at the connection level. They do this before the body of the message has even been received. This is a good thing because it saves server…... read more »

Help Us Research SharePoint, Get a Free Subscription to Ferris Premium News Service

Ferris Research is studying how organizations use Microsoft SharePoint Services. If your organization uses (or has firm plans to use) SharePoint, you can receive a free 4 month subscription to our premium news service. All we ask is that you…... read more »

Tactics for Funding Email Archiving Technology

IT is often the group that buys email archiving technology. However, a number of user groups have a strong interest in acquisition of the technology. For example, these include legal counsel, human resources, and corporate ethics groups. Often, the costs…... read more »

Message Encryption At Endpoints is Critical

A recent Ferris insight bulletin, TLS Not Important for Privacy Secure Messaging, argued that encryption between MTAs is not generally useful. This is correct: if you really want data confidentiality, end to end encryption using a technology such as S/MIME…... read more »

Trend Micro Extends and Enhances Security for Corporate Messaging Communication and Collaboration Environments

Trend Micro announced IM Security for Microsoft Office Live Communication Server, version 7.0 of ScanMail for Microsoft Exchange, version 3.0 of ScanMail for Lotus Domino, and version 1.6 of PortalProtect for Microsoft SharePoint, its content security solutions. Provide new and enhanced virus, content, and spam protection. Available immediately.... read more »

ZANTAZ Upgrades Industry-Leading, On-Demand Compliance Archiving Solution; Provides Continuity of Business Benefits

ZANTAZ announced version 6.5 of ZANTAZ Digital Safe, its solution for compliance archiving, monitoring and eDiscovery. Key enhancements: LiveCapture verification, strong authentication access, and disclaimer exclusion, among others.... read more »