Sumatra Helps Migrate Calendars from GroupWise to Exchange

Microsoft has tools to migrate calendars from GroupWise to Exchange. Sumatra ( has new tools which significantly improve the process.

Microsoft has connectors/gateways that do a good job of passing messages and directory details between Exchange and GroupWise. The Exchange Calendar Connector does an adequate job of synchronizing free/busy information between the platforms. Actual migration of messages and address books is somewhat feature limited for GroupWise, but it works.

However Microsoft's migration of GroupWise calendar data requires end users to individually import their specific calendar. This is emailed to them by the migration process. This is support intensive and scales poorly. Microsoft often encourages customers to look at third party tools. Sumatra now offers a solid server based calendar migration solution that is worthy of being evaluated. Sumatra was formed by former employees of calendaring ISV Meetingmaker.

Author: Lee Benjamin

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