ICE Address–A Standard Address Book Entry for Next of Kin

An interesting concept is rapidly making the rounds in the UK, via email, as a result of the recent London bombings. You put an entry in your cellphone called "ICE", which stands for "In Case of Emergency". Then you put in the number of a next of kin. The email is below. It's a good idea.

It looks as if this may catch on. If so, it'll be useful if you get hurt and others need to contact your next of kin.

If the ICE idea does catch on, it won't be long until the ICE entry encompasses much more than just a cellphone number. It'll also contain name, landline phone, email address, and possibly other communications information such as instant messaging addresses. And the entry will be in other communications devices, too, such as your email address book, and perhaps landline phones.

Author: David Ferris, with thanks to Ruth Skipper and Malcolm Tulloch

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  1. Sean
    Posted October 30, 2005 at 3:35 AM | Permalink

    I couldn’t agree more.

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