Assessing Symantec’s Strengths

The merged Symantec/Veritas presented its view of its strengths to us. We list them here, along with our comments.

  • "Breadth of offering: Complete email management solution from a single vendor." Sceptical on this. There's much more to email management than anti-virus, anti-spam, and email archiving/retention technology. Eg, they have no tools for bandwidth planning. It's bandwidth control that they offer. Similarly, nothing for system monitoring or migrating users. What Veritas does have is a Windows certified NAS, but as we know, Exchange is only certified for use with Direct Attached Storage or a SAN .
  • "Best-of-breed products: Market leaders in each category." True. However, the email archiving market is unstable and the current leadership could easily be overturned by competitors.   
  • "Symantec-tested and supported: End-to-end compatibility." Currently there's almost no integration, so this is more a matter of potential at this time.   
  • "Choice of deployment options. Software, hosted, appliance." Part of the product set is software, part of it is hosted. The firm has had little success with appliances so far. The ability to choose, for any of the major offerings, between software, hosted, or appliance solutions, would seem also to be perhaps a promise for the future.
  • "Significant R&D commitment: Patent-pending technologies and new investments,  Global response infrastructure for security threats." The company does have formidable R&D resources. From the customer standpoint, the ability to hold patents is largely irrelevant. The global stretch of support is also a strength.

Authors: David Ferris and Nick Shelness

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