Teaming With Big Integrators an Excellent Strategy for Small Vendors

Early stages vendors have a problem when selling to large organizations. The latter naturally, and reasonably, have an aversion to working with small firms with unpredictable futures. Working with large integrators, such as IBM Global Services or Logica/CMG, can be a good way to get around this. The integrator takes responsibility for delivering the customer […]... read more »

Google SMS–Limited Business Value Now, Future Bodes Well

Google SMS ( lets you send short text questions on your mobile phone. You can do things like request stock quotes, or find a local hospital or restaurant, or look up a dictionary definition. For the moment, this won’t be used a lot by business people: In North America, business people aren’t used to SMS […]... read more »

EMC Announces Significant Enhancements to Enterprise Collaborative Environment

EMC announced version 7.3 of Documentum Enterprise eRoom, its team communication and management solution. Key enhancements: new dashboard capabilities, IM integration, and enhanced content server integration, among others. Available immediately.... read more »