EMC’s eRoom is a Rich, Relatively Mature Teamspace Environment

EMC recently updated us on its teamspace product, eRoom. The main features it provides are:

  • Shared folders
  • Project planner
  • Shared calendar
  • Version control and checkin/checkout
  • Integrated web conferencing
  • Integration with email for alerts, notifications
  • All clients run a browser
  • Optional Windows browser plug-in, providing thingslike drag and drop

What struck us is that this is a really usable product. It's been bashed into shape in real customer environments for several years. There are now perhaps 2 million users. The latest features include:

  • Unified views of an individual's many different workspaces
  • Better scalability, as workspaces grow and sprout other workspaces
  • Good integration with ECM/Documentum's enterprise content management--providing for things like regulations compliance, policy control over documents, workflows, and shared non-redundant file stores

This is a product to include in your teamspace evaluation shortlist.

... David Ferris

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