Telecoms Directories Need Exceptional Scalability

To support a common subscriber repository, Telecoms operators require an unusual directory that must scale in a way that most directories don’t. For example, a provider with 30 million customers might have a subscriber database with 110GB of data, that handles 70,000 transactions/second with a 40MB/second data thruput, with 10 ms reads and 15 ms […]... read more »

Consolidation of Email Boundary Functions–Starting to Happen

There’s been a trend over the last couple of years to integrate inbound email security. The market is now starting to buy a single product or service that implements anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-phishing, DoS protection, etc, rather than a series of point solutions. This is seen most clearly with hosted services and appliances. So what about […]... read more »

EMC Simplifies E-Mail Storage Management for Microsoft Exchange Server

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Electronic Nastiness is Proliferating

There are growing numbers of types of electronic nastiness. In 1985, viruses were the only real bit of nastiness. The last three years have seen innovation and profusion of nastiness: Spam became serious in 2002    419 advance fee fraud attacks, traditionally from Nigeria. Became serious in 2002  Phishing attacks became serious in 2004 Spyware […]... read more »

Exchange 12 APIs Hold Promise and Pain

At the recent Professional Developer’s Conference in Los Angeles, Microsoft detailed its API (Application Programming Interface) strategy for the upcoming Exchange 12. While Microsoft announced many of the features that Exchange 12 would bring, this was the first information to appear about how developers will build applications against the new version. This is critical, because […]... read more »

Symantec Acquires Anti-Phishing Vendor WholeSecurity

On September 22, Symantec announced it would acuire WholeSecurity. WholeSecurity offers technology that protects against: Phishing websites. The technology looks at a website, and checks it against a dynamic database of phishing sites. It also checks for suspicious things. A simple example is clickable URLs purportedly going, to a well-known website, but which actually go […]... read more »

Symantec Offers Consumers Worry-Free Security and Data Protection

Symantec announced the 2006 versions of Norton Internet Security, Norton AntiVirus, and Norton Personal Firewall, its line of consumer security solutions. Key enhancements: Norton Protection Center which uses simple, everyday language to let users know if their PC, data, and online activities are secure; technology and feature updates available throughout the year; and Security Inspector […]... read more »

Symantec To Acquire WholeSecurity

Symantec announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire WholeSecurity, a provider of behavior-based security and anti-phishing technology. read more »

Oracle Reorts Q1 GAAP EPS of 10 Cents, Non-GAAP EPS of 14 Cents, Up 38 Percent

Oracle released results for 1Q2006, ended August 31, 2005. Revenue increased 25% to $2.77 billion with a GAAP net income of $519 million. read more »

EMC Adds Enhancements to RepliStor

EMC announced version 6.1 of RepliStor, its file replication solution. Adds support for Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Service, allowing users to create and recover multiple point-in-time copies of both file systems and Microsoft Exchange 2003 data. read more »

Distribution List Handling Will Become a More Central Topic

Expect discussion of distribution lists ("DLs") to become a lot more lively over the next couple of years. Two things will drive this: DLs are critical for regulations compliance and discovery requests. When people participate in DLs, you need to process DLs in order to tell who’s done what Corporate knowledge mining. To make sense […]... read more »

Guidance for Users to Avoid Spam

Be sensible in how you give out your email address Most people give out their email address where, for example, they would not give out their phone number – mostly due to the perception that email addresses are more ‘anonymous’ than home addresses or phone numbers. Whilst this was the case many years ago, it […]... read more »

Clearswift Introduces SpamLogic–New Anti-Spam Technology

Clearswift announced SpamLogic, its anti-spam solution integrated into MIMEsweeper for SMTP and MIMEsweeper SMTP Appliance.. Key features: screens email, including attachments and executables, based on source, content and destination; Bayesian, heuristic and textual analysis; and auto-whitelisting, among others. read more »

Notes/Domino Centralized Client Control Means Better Regulations Compliance, TCO Savings

IBM Lotus has been incorporating the ability to centrally configure client settings by defining system policies. Originally introduced with Notes/Domino 6, ND 7 dramatically expands this capability. It is now possible to manage all settings (including mail and calendar), apply policies with more flexible user selection, and lock down the client configuration by preventing local […]... read more »

Biscom to Provide Tight Integration with Outlook in FileMarshal

Biscom announced version 2.0 of FileMarshal, its secure document delivery solution. Adds Outlook integration. Available October 2005. read more »

Proofpoint Announces Zero-Hour Protection Against Emerging Viruses, New Defenses Against Inbound Spam

Proofpoint announced Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway appliance, Proofpoint Zero-Hour Anti-Virus module, its optional antivirus component of the Proofpoint Protection Server software, and enhancements to Proofpoint Spam Detection module, its anti-spam solution. Zero-Hour Anti-Virus key features: analysis of internet messages for anomalies that indicate a potential virus attack, pattern recognition technology, quarantine messages and attachments that […]... read more »

Fortiva Completes Series A Funding, Raising a Total of $8 Million in Financing

Fortiva announced the completion of its Series A round of funding of $8 million Cargill Ventures, Ventures West and Mclean Watson Capital. read more »

BorderWare Announces Availability of SIPassure 2.0 to Secure SIP Communications at the Network Edge

BorderWare Technologies announced version 2.0 of SIPassure,its network and application layer security for Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based applications. read more »

Roundup of Techniques to Catch Zero-Hour Viruses

There’s around four to eight hours between the release of a new computer virus, and the deployment of a corresponding anti-virus signature by virus control vendors. That’s know as the zero-hour interval. Because modern viruses can copy themselves millions of times in the space of a few hours, zero-hour viruses can do a huge amount […]... read more »

Assessing SMS and Instant Messaging Messages as Spam is Difficult

SMS and IM spam isn’t usually much of a problem today, in most countries. SMS spam is kept under control because senders have to pay for sending. And IM tends to be in closed communities, such as AIM, and the vendors concerned can implement suitably controlling technology. However, as mobile phones become Internet-connected, with either […]... read more »

Quick Explanation of AJAX, Vehicle for Rich Browser Messaging

AJAX is an emerging way to design applications that run inside a web browser. It’s a way to make messaging web clients provide a much richer experience. Its key advantage over conventional web applications is that AJAX applications are much more responsive and interactive. It’s an acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. What that means […]... read more »

Scalix has the Best Email Web Client

Most web browser clients for email are rather frustrating if you’re used to a rich client such as Outlook or Notes. And so most business people use a rich client, most of the time. Gradually, the browser experience is improving. The best web client for the last couple of years has been, and continues to […]... read more »

Zantaz to Deliver Email Archiving Optimized for the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration

ZANTAZ announced is has completed optimization of ZANTAZ EAS for Exchange for the Microsoft Solution for Hosted Messaging and Collaboration. Allows service providers to offer compliance archiving and mailbox management solutions.... read more »

Entrust® Email Security Solution Sets Industry Milestones for Secure Boundary Email Encryption

Entrust released version 8.0 of Entrust Entelligence Messaging Server, its secure email appliance. Key enhancements: Microsoft Certification Authority support; improved deployment; and web-based management, administration, and configuration; among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Quest Integrates its Award-winning Products into New Suite for Exchange Storage Management

Quest Software released Quest Storage Suite for Exchange, its solution for management and control of Exchange messaging data. Key features: Quest Message Stats for traffic analysis and reporting, Quest Archive Manager for Exchange, and Quest Recovery Manager for Exchange. Available immediately.... read more »

McAfee, Inc. Releases New Secure Content Management Appliances for Comprehensive Web and Email Protection

McAfee released McAfee Secure Web Gateway (SWG), Secure Messaging Gateway (SMG) and Secure Internet Gateway (SIG), its secure content management appliances. SWG appliance is for large enterprises and protects against spyware, phishing attacks, known viruses, and employee misuse of the Internet. SMG blocks spam, phishing attacks, viruses, Trojans, and worms, preventing inappropriate content from entering […]... read more »

Directories Becoming Important Infrastructure at the Internet Boundary

Directory technology is becoming an important part of the infrastructure, at the Internet boundary. Sendmail’s new email gateway appliance, Sentrion (, illustrates. Sentrion is designed to make LDAP calls to a secure messaging directory to help make more intelligent messaging policy decisions, such as: Deciding whether to accept a connection.  For example, if user A […]... read more »

Postini Announces Integrated Message Management for Enterprises

Postini announced Postini Perimeter Manager, its managed security service for IM and Postini Archive Manager, its service for archiving of email and IM. Perimeter Manager leverages Postini’s proxy architecture and Active Policy Management Framework to deliver IM management. Archive Manager provides storage for the secure, reliable archiving of email and IM messages. Perimeter Manager available […]... read more »

Notes Domino 7 Includes DB2 Support–Well, Sort Of

Notes Domino Release 7 includes support for the use of DB2. It’s a rather qualified sort of support, however. Release 7 was originally intended to include the use of DB2 on Domino servers (but not Notes clients) to host Notes Databases, as an alternative to using Notes Storage Facility (.nsf) files. Because this new capability […]... read more »

Open Text Reports Fourth Quarter 2005 Financial Results

Open Text released results for 4Q2005, ended June 30. Revenue increased 4% to $109 million with a GAAP net income of $5.0 million.... read more »

Exchange Mobile Messaging Deployments Usually Small

Deployments of mobile solutions for Microsoft Exchange in the corporate market have so far remained small, often limited to a few tens of users. This is mainly due to relatively high incremental costs of adding, as well as managing and supporting, additional users. Ie, the costs don’t scale well. The problem compounds when you consider […]... read more »

How Many Teamspace Users? In 2005? In 2015?

We estimate there are about 7 or 8 million active users of a team workspace today. By 2015, we think there will be about 200 million regular users of the technology. … David Ferris... read more »

SyncML Servers Great for Mobile Device Connectivity

SyncML servers are an excellent strategy to connect your office messaging system with mobile devices. Fenestrae’s Mobile Data Server Sync Edition ( is a good example. It synchronizes all Exchange data types–email, contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks. At the server end, it connects to Exchange. At the mobile device end, it connections with any device […]... read more »

McAfee Releases Internet Security Suite 2006 for Consumers

McAfee released McAfee Internet Security Suite 2006. Key features: automatic virus and spyware detection, phishing protection, automated, daily signature updates, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

CA Supports Microsoft’s Windows Server System for Midsize Business Promotion with Integrated Protection Suite

Computer Associates announced CA Business Protection Suite for Midsize Business for Windows, its protection suite for Windows Server System for Midsize Business Promotion. Includes antivirus, anti-spyware, data backup and restore, and desktop migration technologies. Available October 2005.... read more »