End Users Need More Control over Spam Suppression

Most spam control products offer users a very limited level of control. Examples of things you can commonly do are:

  • Tell the system whether or not to put filtered emails in the quarantine
  • View the quarantine
  • Delete or restore a quarantine item 
  • Tell the system that a particular item is spam

End user controls need to get a lot more powerful. BlackSpider's hosted anti-spam/anti-virus service has the most powerful set we've yet seen.  Eg:

  • Both end users AND administrators can access a user's spam quarantine. To compare,  MessageLabs only allows end users to have access.
  • Quarantine management is in real-time. As soon as a message has been received and quarantined, it appears in:
  • An end user's quarantine area and  in their message reports
  • A message tracking centre accessed by administrators. This allows an administrator to search in real-time for messages to see if they have been delivered to the organisation. Other services take several hours for an email classified as spam to be seen in quarantine areas, which gives rise to the problem of temporarily losing sight of an email that could be business critical.
  • White and black list flexibility is also strong in that in adddition to organisation-wide black and white lists, users can add to their own personal lists. User's white and black lists  don't override those set by the IT administrator,  but allows users control over what they personally classify as spam.  For example, marketing users often want to receive newsletters from organisations that other users would consider spam,  and so can white-list specific senders or domains.
  • Varying spam thresholds allow administrators to set levels at which spam is quarantined, say, lower for a sensitive user and higher - or unlimited - for users who want to receive more or all of their emails.
  • ... David Ferris

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