SyncML Servers Great for Mobile Device Connectivity

SyncML servers are an excellent strategy to connect your office messaging system with mobile devices.

Fenestrae's Mobile Data Server Sync Edition ( is a good example. It synchronizes all Exchange data types--email, contacts, calendar, notes, and tasks.

At the server end, it connects to Exchange. At the mobile device end, it connections with any device that has built-in SyncML support. That is already a large number of devices, and the list is growing all the time. Today, it includes Sony-Ericsson (T68i, K700i, P800, P900, P910, T610i, T630, Z600, Z1010), and Nokia (3650, 3660, 5140, 6230, 6670, 6600, 6820, 7610, 7650, 9210, 9300, 9500). Most high-end Symbian devices support SyncML.

Assuming you're using devices that support SyncML, no client provisioning is necessary, and client management costs are very low. Users have a web inteface to set specific parameters, such as the size of emails that are synchronized, and the period of calendar event synchronization.

In short, SyncML-based synchronization is a powerful technique for mobile device connectivity. It'll become widespread.

... David Ferris

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