Notes Domino 7 Includes DB2 Support–Well, Sort Of

Notes Domino Release 7 includes support for the use of DB2. It's a rather qualified sort of support, however.

Release 7 was originally intended to include the use of DB2 on Domino servers (but not Notes clients) to host Notes Databases, as an alternative to using Notes Storage Facility (.nsf) files. Because this new capability received little or no testing at scale on customer systems during the Notes/Domino 7 Beta program, IBM decided to withdraw this feature from general release. The DB2 support capability remains in Domino 7, but needs to be specifically enabled through the use of an activation key file that can be obtained from IBM at no additional cost, by subscribing to one of two programs:

  • Limited Availability Program. This is aimed at large customers who already run DB2 in production and wish to use it to host Notes databases on Domino servers at scale (effectively, this means in production). It provides a support program, that will allow customers to deploy this facility at scale with the necessary back-up (support/hot fixes/etc.) from IBM.
  • Feature Trial Program. This aimed at customers who want to evaluate this feature in a lab environment. It includes no support, and is effectively a continuing Beta program for this feature.

Details about both programs can be found at

... Nick Shelness

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