Telecoms Directories Need Exceptional Scalability

To support a common subscriber repository, Telecoms operators require an unusual directory that must scale in a way that most directories don't.

For example, a provider with 30 million customers might have a subscriber database with 110GB of data, that handles 70,000 transactions/second with a 40MB/second data thruput, with 10 ms reads and 15 ms updates. There's no way that a commercial relational database system can do that.

... David Ferris

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    I entirely agree with you that is why our View500 Directory Server solution ( originally built by Telstra to run its white Pages services and fully tested with Internet servoices web access up to 32 Million entries is still in such demand and getting interest from the market. This solution also though has a sophisticated search engine provided with the product offering component matching, word matching, misspelling search, acronym and synonym search, including intelligent sub-string searching, inclusive/exclusive searching, and phonetic matching as part of the directory product out of the box. It is also the first commercially available product conforming to the new draft IETF XML enabled directory standard ( This means any XML schema or DTD can be stored in the Directory and accessed using any combination of LDAP, XLDAP or DAP protocols with all the usual support for strong authentication and appropriate access controls as well as scaling up to 32 Million. For more technical information on LDAP and XED visit one of our Technical Engineers blogsite at (

    View500 (v6.0 – XML) is available free of charge for up to 25K entries –

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    The scalability of a database is dependent on the indexing mechanism used, the most common of which is the BTree.
    Database indexing plugins can be bought that provide more scalability than the classic BTree. A number of companies provide this type of technology at a cost.
    These are the solutions used by Telco’s to overcome indexing such a vast amount of data.

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