A Concise Definition of the Benefits of Enterprise Content Management

The concept of enterprise content management has evolved from document management. It's a shifting concept. Here's a crisp roundup of the main benefits as perceived today:

  • Broader availability of corporate knowledge
  • Lower infrastructure operating costs
  • Shared information is kept consistent
  • Ability to automate business processes
  • Provides control over the document lifecycle
  • Discovery and litigation support
  • Regulatory compliance

... David Ferris

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  1. Posted October 18, 2005 at 5:26 PM | Permalink

    At AfterMail, we are seeing direct parallels with the points you describe and those which we see in the email archiving market. In fact, as far as AfterMail is concerned, which is focused on the access and utilization of data, virtually all of the points are directly comparable to those which we use to describe our own value proposition, and how our customers are making use of email.

    While there are many similarities, there are a number of other considerations. Enterprise content management systems do not always mandate that all information is kept, so there is not always a definitive record of all communication; the volume of email messages, and their inbound and outbound nature, can make the ongoing capture and categorization of messages challenging for a traditional ECM solution.

    In a broader governance context, it is only by keeping everything that an organization can prove it hasn’t seen something, and this is where a product such as AfterMail has strengths, particularly in the areas of compliance and discovery. Lastly, should integration be required, AfterMail can complement the existing ECM vendors by providing access to the email store through XML web services and other means.

    At the end of the day, for the next few years, the email archiving and ECM industries will remain separate, however there are an increasing number of similarities to show that a level of consolidation will occur, following on from the increased levels of interoperability that the market is currently experiencing.

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    Bil’s assesment of Ferris Research’s SharePoint

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