The Tools You Need To Check Email Deliverability

Email often doesn't get through to an intended recipient. To get through, messages must be accepted by the receiving domain. They also must reach the recipient's inbox, and not be routed off to some sort of quarantine. Even then, you'd like to know whether they've been opened.

To get a handle on deliverability, senders need a variety of tools and actionable reports. Vendors that specialize in volume email delivery, such as StrongMail, offer tools like:

  • Accurate and actionable bounce data (not just hard, soft, etc.). You need to know what caused the bounce, in a way that practically lets you take corrective action.
  • Seed list monitoring and/or spam filter monitoring.
  • Open/click data. No or low activity signals post-acceptance filtering.

... David Ferris, with thanks to Dave Lewis, StrongMail

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