Litigation Threat Greatest in U.S., U.K.–Arbitration Elsewhere

Litigation Threat Greatest in U.S., U.K.–Arbitration Elsewhere... read more »

Interesting, Useful Blogging Survey

Interesting, Useful Blogging Survey... read more »

Eudora 7 Has Fast Full-Text Search, Offline IMAP Support

Eudora 7 is the new version of the venerable Eudora POP/IMAP mail client. It’s currently in beta, and has two main new features: Fast full-text search — Using an indexed search engine, much like Google Desktop, but licensed from X1 Technologies. This is very useful. It means that Eudora users can search their messages in […]... read more »

Postini Offers Its Unique Threat Identification Data to Companies for Real-Time Threat Prevention Based on Patented Sender Behavior Analysis Technology

Postini released PTIN Access, its solution that provides access to Postini Threat Identification Network?s real-time sender behavior analysis technology. Allows users to query the PTIN repository in real-time and accept or block traffic, or obtain periodic data snapshots of sender IPs demonstrating unwanted actions. Available immediately. read more »

E-Mail Security Market Is on Fast Growth Track

The Channel Insider: Click Here for Story... read more »