Mobile Phone Viruses a Theoretical Threat, but People Are Cynical (2005)

For some time, the industry has been aware of a theoretical risk that someone will write a virus that attacks mobile phones. This risk seems to become greater as phones get smarter -- for example, devices built on platforms such as PalmOS, Windows Mobile, or Symbian -- and as phones become more interconnected with Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, people are cynical about this risk, which may cause them to become blasé about the possible threats. This isn't helped by certain anti-virus companies appearing to "cry wolf" in a self-serving way, such as F-Secure. This tends to blind the market to the very real risks, because the threats today are very small scale and merely proofs of concept -- for example, the Caribe/Cabir worm.

... Richi Jennings, with thanks to BullGuard's Alexander Staun-Rechnitzer

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