The 2006 Spam Conference Set for March 3

Rumors of the death of the annual Spam Conference held at MIT have been greatly exaggerated. It's happening on March 3. Talk submission deadline is February 1.

In previous years, the Spam Conference has turned up some very interesting research. It's firmly in the by academics, for academics category, so don't attend if you're looking for hints on how to run your commercial anti-spam package.

However, do attend if you want to hear about the latest academic research into spam control. In case you can't make it, we expect the video of talks will be published on the Web, as in previous years.

From the Spam Conference Web site:

"This intensive, one-day conference will include many of the leading technical experts on spam from the bit-whacking level to the global economics of spam ... There will be none of the cruft that usually accumulates on conferences; just one day of quick, concentrated talks, and then we all go out for dinner ... We can accept sponsorships - if your company would like to sponsor, please contact the Conference Chair: Bill Yerazunis ( The conference is free, but please register if you want to attend."

... Richi Jennings

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