How LinkedIn Limits Spammy Invites

Last week, we said that LinkedIn -- the well-known business-oriented social networking service -- was capping the number of connections users may make in order to help prevent spammers from misusing the service. According to co-founding LinkedIn marketing VP Konstantin Guericke, it's not strictly a limit on the number of connections, but on the number of invitations one can send.

Quite right too -- it's in the misuse of the invitation process where these self-styled "power networkers" become spammers. After looking at data about how the service has been operating, LinkedIn set the limit at 3,000 invitations. However, there's an exception process for users exceeding that number, which will only kick in if invitees are actually accepting the invitations.

As Guericke summed it up, "It's [a] wisdom-of-the-crowds approach."

... Richi Jennings (LinkedIn user #150449)

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