Building Webmail Over IMAP Can Be a Good Idea

Building Webmail Over IMAP Can Be a Good Idea... read more »

Fewer Spammers Forging the Sender Header

Fewer Spammers Forging the Sender Header... read more »

Summary of Realistic Lotusphere Attendance Figures

We all exaggerate numbers if they make us look good. And so it is with conferences. Here are our estimates of key statistics: Grand total: 5,200-5,500 attendees 3,700-4,000 paying, full conference registrants — of these, about 55% were IT staff, the rest were ISVs, consultants, VARs, and sponsors Breakdown of the IT staff: 25% from […]... read more »

MetaLINCS Offers First E-Discovery Review Technology With Integrated Analysis; Breakthrough E-Discovery Software Dramatically Reduces Review Time and Provides Early Case Assessment

MetaLINCS released version 2.0 of MetaLINCS, its e-discovery solution. Key enhancements: new web-based analysis and review interface, automatic document acquisition, and customizable reports, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Quest Software Introduces New Intelligent E-Mail Archiving Solution

Quest Software announced version 3.0 of Archive Manager, its e-mail archiving solution. Captures e-mail and attachments, including those in PST files, and stores them in a tamper-proof data store. Available immediately. read more »

Zantaz Announces First Discovery, the Industry’s First Single-Vendor Litigation Solution for Data Collection, Electronic Data Discovery and Litigation Support

ZANTAZ announced First Discovery, its litigation solution for data collection, Electronic data discovery and litigation support. Collects native email and files for selected employees across the enterprise and stores them in a searchable repository for subsequent discovery. read more »

MessageLabs Announces Archiving Service to Meet Growing Compliance and Corporate Governance Requirements

MessageLabs released MessageLabs Archiving Service, its email and IM archiving service. Key features: archiving policy engine, secure archive, and archive search and retrieval, among others. Available immediately. read more »