Strengths and Weaknesses of Leading BlackBerry Alternatives

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Still No Shutdown for RIM, but Most of Damage Already Done

Last Friday the U.S. district court once again stopped short of issuing an injunction that would have shut down Research In Motion’s BlackBerry network. The handwriting seems to be very clearly on the wall, however, that RIM will be forced to settle with NTP. Judge Spencer indicated that RIM and NTP "should have settled this […]... read more »

Trend Micro Enhances Multi-layered Anti-Spyware Protection for Enterprises, Introduces InterScan Web Security Appliance

Trend Micro released InterScan Web Security Appliance, its anti- malware and content security appliance. Key features: agent-less endpoint cleanup via collaboration with Trend Micro Damage Cleanup Services, malware detection and blocking, and URL filtering, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Proofpoint Version 4 Delivers Next-generation Messaging Security to Protect Enterprises from Spam and Viruses, Ensure Privacy of Customer and Employee Data and Guard Against Intellectual Property Leaks

Proofpoint released version 4.0 of Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway and Proofpoint Protection Server, its messaging security solutions. Key enhancements: new Proofpoint Zero-Hour Anti-Virus Module, enhanced directory harvest attack prevention, and anti-spam enhancements, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Proofpoint Deploys Advanced, Machine Learning Technology to Stop Spam in Japanese and Other Asian Languages

Proofpoint released a new version of Proofpoint Spam Detection, its anti-spam technology module. Adds enhanced protection against spam in double-byte languages including Japanese and Chinese. Available immediately as part of Proofpoint 4 family of messaging security solutions. read more »

Cloudmark service aims to rid ISPs mail stores of spam

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Cloudmark — Not Just for the Desktop

Cloudmark is best known for its desktop spam and phishing control product, Cloudmark Desktop, and from its open source roots, Vipul’s Razor. However, when viewed purely in terms of user counts, Cloudmark’s server-based technologies are far more popular. This is mainly thanks to installations at ISPs — either directly via the Cloudmark Authority product, or […]... read more »

False Statement: “Phone Companies More Concerned About Standards Than Computer Vendors”

The computing and telephony worlds are gradually coming together. A common myth says that phone companies are much more concerned about standards than computer vendors. For example, telcos spend years defining standards in enormous detail and testing them before deploying them. On the other hand, computing firms are much happier to let them evolve informally. […]... read more »

Additional Thought on Phishing Complaints

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Clearswift delivers effortless email security

Clearswift launched MIMEsweeper Email Managed Service, its hosted email content security service. Combines the Clearswift MIMEsweeper product portfolio with hosted management and implementation. Available immediately. read more »

How Brand Owners Should Act on Phishing

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Choice of Push- or Pull-Style Group Communication Depends on Message Volume

Groups that want to communicate have a choice between pushing messages out to their members via mailing lists or feeds, or allowing them to pull messages from news groups or Web sites. Several years ago, the popular services available were typified by bulletin boards (pull) and mailing lists (push). Today there are many choices, including […]... read more »

How Brand Owners Should Detect Phishing

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2006 RSA Conference

Ferris Research attended the 15th RSA Conference last week. Focusing on the security market, it was held in San Jose, Calif., not the previous venue of San Francisco. It attracted some 250 exhibiting vendors and about 5,000 free and paid attendees. We spotted these vendors, who were showing products and services related to messaging and […]... read more »

Replacing Paper Statements With Internet Delivery

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Compliance, Schmliance

It seems like the whole email security industry has bolted on a "compliance" piece to anti-spam/anti-virus offerings. Variously, they promise to instantly protect you against infringing regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley. They almost make it sound like magic. Of course, life’s not quite that simple. The catch is that interpretations of the various regulations […]... read more »

Who Owns Email Volume Reputation Information?

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Does HP Regret Killing OpenMail?

Does HP Regret Killing OpenMail?... read more »

Presence-Enabled Corporate Applications at Least Two Years Away

Presence-Enabled Corporate Applications at Least Two Years Away... read more »

Teach Staff to Choose the Right Medium for the Message

Workers should choose an appropriate delivery mechanism for the message. For example, employees should use email for the exchange of information and asking questions, two functions it performs very well. Email is less appropriate for resolving disagreements, getting to know someone, or negotiation. For these functions, encourage staff to use: Team spaces or wikis, which […]... read more »

Why Mirapoint Chose FaceTime

So Mirapoint announced a strategic partnership with FaceTime. Why did Mirapoint choose FaceTime? Well, there are the obvious, prosaic reasons: Mirapoint was impressed with FaceTime’s technology. FaceTime is one of the market share leaders in IM security. But there are some less obvious, "softer" reasons, too: People at high levels in both companies have known […]... read more »

Oracle Buys HotSip

Oracle announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire HotSip, a provider of telecommunications infrastructure software and SIP enabled applications for IP telephony, presence, messaging and conferencing. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. read more »

Blue Coat Reports Financial Results for Third Quarter Fiscal Year 2006

Blue Coat Systems released results for 3Q2006, ended January 31. Revenue increased 44% to $35.5 million with a GAAP net income of $3.0 million. read more »

Sherpa Software Releases Archive Attender for Exchange Version 2.5

Sherpa Software released version 2.5 of Archive Attender for Exchange, its email and PST file archiving solution. Key enhancements: direct access to archived messages and ability to archive attachments only, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Web Conferencing Should Be Peer-Peer

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Some Help With Email Overload

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More Thoughts on Exchange/RTC Merger

Earlier this month, we published a bulletin about Microsoft’s merger of the Exchange and Real Time Collaboration groups. Here are some more thoughts on the subject. This merger does not include the client access teams. For the time being, responsibility for Outlook and Communicator will remain with the Office group (along with Windows SharePoint Services). […]... read more »

BlackBerry? BlackCherry? StealthBerry? — What RIM Customers Need to Know

BlackBerry? BlackCherry? StealthBerry? — What RIM Customers Need to Know... read more »

Audio and Voice Drivers Are Messy

Audio and Voice Drivers Are Messy... read more »

Lemonade Profile Approved: An Important Step for Open Standards Mobile Messaging

The IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group) has approved the Lemonade Profile as a Proposed Standard. This is the final technical approval of this work. Lemonade is a profile of the IMAP and SUBMIT protocols (profiles define a set of required extensions, restrictions and usage modes). The profile allows clients to efficiently use IMAP and Submission […]... read more »

McAfee Launches Mobile Security Solutions at 3GSM

McAfee released McAfee VirusScan Mobile, its antivirus solution for mobile devices. Protects mobile devices against threats that originate from e-mail, IM and Internet downloads, and protects multiple entry points including SMS, MMS and Bluetooth. Available immediately for Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 2003 Smartphone, Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone, […]... read more »

Postini Announces Availability of Postini Encryption Manager as Part of Groundbreaking Federated Encryption Strategy

Postini released Postini Encryption Manager, its suite of managed security services to encrypt and secure connections between email servers and email message content. Key features: Connection Security Module which provides policy management tools for establishing and maintaining secure networks between messaging servers and Zix Encryption Module which provides for content-level encryption. Available immediately. read more »

Websense Announces Upcoming Security Features for Websense® Web Security Suite and Lockdown Edition Version 6.2

Websense announced version 6.2 of Websense Web Security Suite, its web and endpoint security solution. Key enhancements: protection from email-borne worms, enhanced protection against drive-by spyware and ability to manage non-Port 80 HTTP traffic, among others. Available 2Q2006. read more »

A Toe in Legit Waters: The Latest Shift in Spammer Technique

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AXS-One Reports Financial Results for 2005 Fourth Quarter and Year End

AXS-One released results for 4Q2005, ended December 31. Revenue decreased 27% to $1.5 million with a net loss of $1.6 million. read more »