Lemonade Profile Approved: An Important Step for Open Standards Mobile Messaging

The IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group) has approved the Lemonade Profile as a Proposed Standard. This is the final technical approval of this work.

Lemonade is a profile of the IMAP and SUBMIT protocols (profiles define a set of required extensions, restrictions and usage modes). The profile allows clients to efficiently use IMAP and Submission to access and submit mail. This is particularly useful when clients are constrained in memory, bandwidth, processing power, etc. It includes the ability to forward received mail without needing to download and upload the mail, to optimize submission, and to efficiently resynchronize in case of loss of connectivity with the server.

The profile has been driven by requirements from the telecom world (and in particular the Open Mobile Alliance) to have a coherent set of standards that can be specified for a service deployment. This definition will be key for those seeking to build open-standards-based mobile messaging deployments.

... Steve Kille (editor: Richi Jennings)

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