More Thoughts on Exchange/RTC Merger

Earlier this month, we published a bulletin about Microsoft's merger of the Exchange and Real Time Collaboration groups. Here are some more thoughts on the subject.

This merger does not include the client access teams. For the time being, responsibility for Outlook and Communicator will remain with the Office group (along with Windows SharePoint Services). The server teams will retain responsibility for server-based clients -- Outlook Web Access (OWA), the upcoming Outlook Voice Access (OVA), and the upcoming Web-based Communicator. This makes sense to us; we can see no benefit flowing from merging the two.

Here's the real reason for the reorg: The combination of Exchange 12 -- with its new voicemail services and OVA -- and Live Communications Server 12 provides MS with all of the software necessary to start providing a comprehensive telephony offering to the small to medium-size business market (we're assuming Microsoft integrates the SIP-based PBX functionality from the Media Streams acquisition).

Think Microsoft Converged Communications Server. Unifying the two groups is a prerequisite to doing this. 

... Nick Shelness

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