Why Mirapoint Chose FaceTime

So Mirapoint announced a strategic partnership with FaceTime. Why did Mirapoint choose FaceTime? Well, there are the obvious, prosaic reasons:

  • Mirapoint was impressed with FaceTime's technology.
  • FaceTime is one of the market share leaders in IM security.

But there are some less obvious, "softer" reasons, too:

  • People at high levels in both companies have known and respected each other for several years.
  • Mirapoint has some ex-FaceTime employees who recommended the choice.
  • The cultures seemed compatible.
  • The two companies are located close to each other.

We hesitate to say better the devil you know, but sometimes the softer reasons are just as valid as due diligence.

... Richi Jennings, with thanks to Mirapoint's Bethany Mayer

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