Cloudmark — Not Just for the Desktop

Cloudmark is best known for its desktop spam and phishing control product, Cloudmark Desktop, and from its open source roots, Vipul's Razor. However, when viewed purely in terms of user counts, Cloudmark's server-based technologies are far more popular. This is mainly thanks to installations at ISPs -- either directly via the Cloudmark Authority product, or via OEM deals with MTA vendors such as Sendmail and Openwave.

Cloudmark argues, convincingly, that its technology is good for ISPs because the spam filtering decisions are based not on a set of rules created manually, but on using statistical signatures, which are automatically generated from user reports and spamtraps. Filtering based on signatures is more efficient in terms of computing resources than filtering using a set of rules.

Because the typical ISP business model is high-volume/low-margin, efficient use of server horsepower is very important.

... Richi Jennings, with thanks to Cloudmark's Brenda Ropoulos

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