Embedded Skype Phones Will Be Available Late Summer

To operate Skype, you need to have your PC turned on, and you probably talk via a connected headset.

That's a pain if your PC isn't on, or if your PC isn't beside you, for example.

So a number of vendors are working on phones that have Skype embedded within them. An example is NETGEAR's WiFi Phone. This looks like a cell phone, and connects over WiFi. Expect such products to become available late summer.

... David Ferris, with thanks to ActionTec's Gunjan Bhow

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  1. Posted April 4, 2006 at 10:24 PM | Permalink

    Provided the Netgear WIFI phone is released sometime within the next month or so a lot of people are going to be dissappointed as Vonage already has a WIFI phone available. The Netgear phone should have been available at the end of the first quarter and they have missed that mark, they should at least have a press release telling people something. Hopefully we will see it soon.

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