FrontBridge now “Microsoft Exchange Hosted Services”

FrontBridge was one of the top four hosted or "managed" email security services. Microsoft acquired FrontBridge in August 2005, yet the company has been reserved about its plans ... until now.

In April, Microsoft will rebrand FrontBridge as "Exchange Hosted Services." It has just introduced version 5.3, which it claims is faster, more usable, has expanded network capacity, and adds support for speakers of Dutch, Portuguese (standard and Brazilian), Mandarin, and Korean.

The product structure and pricing model are now simplified, with a main license plus three options:

  • Archive -- Keep a copy of all mail, either inbound, outbound, or internal. End-users have access to the archive via an OWA-like Web interface.
  • Continuity -- Keep a rolling 30-day archive as above, permitting redelivery of messages in case of disaster.
  • Encryption -- A licensed version of Voltage's IBE system (Identity Based Encryption).

Expect a 6.0 release at the same time as the release of Exchange 12. This may include Exchange-specific features.

... Richi Jennings, with thanks to Eron Kelly of Microsoft

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