Infosecurity Europe 2006 Conference Notes

We attended Infosec (the Infosecurity Europe 2006 conference) in London this week. We estimate there were up to 750 paid attendees, but countless more unpaid, exhibits-only visitors. Among the 300 or so exhibiting vendors, we saw these messaging- and collaboration-related firms: Aliroo, AVG, Barracuda, BitDefender, BlackSpider, Blue Coat, Chronicle Solutions, CipherTrust, Clearswift, CP Secure, Critical […]... read more »

New Public Virus Testers

We recently discovered two interesting resources for virus hunters. Both will allow you to submit a sample file for analysis, giving you an opinion of whether it contains a virus, worm, Trojan, or other malware. Hispasec’s Virustotal takes a fairly conventional approach of scanning the file for known viruses. What’s notable is that it uses […]... read more »

Waterford Technologies Enables Email Archiving for Ipswitch IMail Software

Waterford Technologies released MailMeter Archive for IMail, its email archiving solution for Ipswitch’s IMail server. Key features: email archiving, compliance, and reporting, among others. Available immediately. ... read more »

Tips for Your New Spam Control Idea

So you have a fantastic new idea to solve the spam problem once and for all? Of course, you’re sure it’ll work brilliantly and you’re sure nobody else has thought of it. Sounds like you’ve come up with what spam fighters call a FUSSP — a Final Ultimate Solution to the Spam Problem. Vernon Schryver […]... read more »

Meet Ferris Research at Infosecurity Europe 2006

If you’re going to the Infosec conference in London and would like to meet Ferris Research, do get in touch. Richi Jennings will be there Thursday, April 27. Email with some suggested times. We’d be happy to discuss whether…... read more »

Postini Personal Archive to Reduce Cost and Complexity of Mail Server Storage, Leverage Investments in Message Archiving

Postini released Postini Personal Archive, its email and IM archiving solution. Key features: ability to offload active message data from the message server, access to all email for a pre-determined time period or indefinitely, and search personal archive and find messages by sender, recipient, or keywords, among others. Available immediately. read more »

It Doesn’t Matter That Policy Compliance Tools Aren’t Perfect

This is the second bulletin in a series about policy and regulatory compliance tools. These tools are outbound email filters that attempt to stop users from violating organizational policies or legal regulations. Attempt is the operative word here. These tools can’t do a perfect job. Let’s use the same example policy as before: "Only people […]... read more »

Workers plagued by messaging overload Click Here for Story... read more »

Policy Compliance Tools Aren’t Perfect

Policy and regulatory compliance tools are outbound email filters that attempt to stop users from violating organizational policies or regulations. An example of such a policy is: "Only people in the PR Team group are allowed to email press releases to people outside the company." Policy compliance tools are useful for saving users from making […]... read more »

EMC Reports First Quarter Results

EMC released results for 1Q2006 ended March 31. Revenue increased 14% to $2.55 billion with net income of $273 million.... read more »

Nondelivery Reports Hard to Use

Here’s another insight from an "unsophisticated" email user. We think this is interesting feedback for vendors of email clients. It might appear trivial to email cognoscenti like us, but it’s an important human factors observation. It’s an area where we as an industry can do a better job. In a panicked phone call, "my" user […]... read more »

Unreasonable Expectations Contribute to Email Overload

I was talking to some "unsophisticated" email users recently. I asked them what their experience was of email in the workplace. I expected to hear complaints about poor performance, overuse of the CC feature, and misaddressed love notes. Instead, their main gripe was their correspondents’ unreasonable expectations. There’s a culture grown up in some organizations […]... read more »

EMC Delivers Its First EMC Insignia Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

EMC announced EMC Insignia Solution for Exchange, its archiving solution. Key features: automates Exchange Server 2003 migration, restores individual email messages, a mailbox or the entire server, and utilizes CLARiiON AX150 and AX150i networked storage systems, among others. Available immediately. read more »

MessageOne Launches New Managed Services For Email Archive, Encryption, Recovery And BlackBerry Continuity

MessageOne launched EMS BlackBerry Continuity, EMS Email Archive, EMS Email Recovery and EMS Email Encryption, the additions to its Email Management Services (EMS) platform. BlackBerry Continuity ensures that BlackBerry devices continue to operate during any email outage, Email Archive provides an email archiving service. Email Recovery recovers lost email messages back to primary environment after […]... read more »

Symantec Announces Integrated Antispam, Antivirus and Content Filtering Solution for SMTP Gateways

Symantec announced version 5.0 of Symantec Mail Security for SMTP, its e-mail security solution. Key enhancements: new day-zero virus prevention, new content filtering capabilities, and graphical message auditing, among others. Available May 2005. read more »

Horizontal Scaling Ends ISP Messaging Migrations

Cell Phone Backup Heats Up

Today, most cell phone users have built up a rich address book. When they lose this information, it makes life miserable. One attractive consumer solution is, obviously, to offer a backup service. For this, you need phones that are equipped to provide a standards-based backup service. Gradually, this is happening. We’re at early stages of […]... read more »

PhishBouncer — BBN’s Interesting Anti-Phishing Project

We recently heard from BBN Technologies about its research project to protect users from phishing. Known as PhishBouncer, it employs a cocktail of interesting techniques to protect users from phishy Web sites. (Internet old-timers may remember BBN as Bolt Beranek and Newman, where ARPANET packet switching was invented.) PhishBouncer acts as a Web proxy, working […]... read more »

Wikis to Supplant BBSs in Teamspaces

Wikis will have an important role in teamspaces. They’re a very easy way to share thoughts and plans, especially when people want to cooperatively edit them. Today, many teamspaces use hierarchic public folders for this, and wikis aren’t popular. However, for most types of communications, wikis are more natural than bulletin boards, and should replace […]... read more »

Why Email Is Used for Collaboration

Email is the most popular collaboration tool. A recent blog post from CentralDesktop explains why, in a clear and entertaining manner. The summary points are that email is: Easy to understand — Once you’ve learned to use it initially, it’s easy. Universal — Everyone has it. Accessible from anywhere — At least that’s what we […]... read more »

Defeat of Net Neutrality Amendment Isn’t a Disaster

On April 3, the U.S. House of Representatives defeated an amendment that would have imposed "net neutrality" restrictions on ISPs and telcos. The defeat has spawned howls of protest from various quarters, but the situation isn’t as bad as some make out. The amendment sought to prevent ISPs and telcos from prioritizing some traffic over […]... read more »

Once in a Lifetime

Something very, very special is about to occur. On Thursday, May 4, just after 1 a.m., the clock will show 01:02:03 04.05.06. America, of course, is ahead of the game. This already happened–on Wednesday, April 5, also just after 1 a.m. … David Ferris, with thanks to Stewart Wild... read more »

LiveOffice: Interesting Archiving & Compliance ASP for Financial Services

LiveOffice is an interesting messaging ASP. The firm focuses on communication, archiving, and compliance services, mainly for financial services firms. LiveOffice makes sure communications are properly processed according to industry and legal requirements. A typical client might be a financial brokerage with 15 advisers, paying perhaps $200/month. We estimate revenues at about $15 million annually. […]... read more »

Symantec Secures and Manages Enterprise Instant Messaging

Symantec announced version 8.0 of Symantec IM Manager, its IM and real-time communications management solution. Key enhancements: new proactive threat protection and remediation and integration with Symantec Enterprise Vault, among others. Available April 2006 read more »

Clearswift delivers on need for simplified email security

Clearswift released version 2.3 of MIMEsweeper SMTP Appliance, its email security appliance. Key enhancements: new Personal Message Manager that allows users to manage their personal email traffic, enhanced GUI and policy management, and new TLS encryption, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Vendor Guarantees Not Worth Much

Some messaging vendors offer guarantees. These sound good, superficially. But they’re not worth much. For example, spam control vendors sometimes guarantee a certain level of spam suppression, or a certain level of false positives. Or an Exchange appliance vendor guarantees five 9’s availability. If vendors don’t perform, they typically give you some or all of […]... read more »

Modern Communications Generate Too Many Interruptions

Before email, instant messaging, and other modern Internet-based communications, most of us worked in ways that allowed us to focus on tasks. When we wanted to get someone involved in a task, we thought twice before simply barging in and disrupting them by asking them to shift gears. That was done, fundamentally, because efficiency suffers […]... read more »

M&A Services From Ferris Capital Partners

Ferris Capital Partners works with companies that need to complete a merger, acquisition, sale, or joint venture in the messaging industry. We’d like to hear from you if: You’re a technology vendor; and You have a good product that fits…... read more »

MessageOne Introduces New Email Security Service

MessageOne announced EMS Email Security, its email security service. Key features: spam & virus protection, automated administration, and web interface, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Email Disaster Recovery Moves Center Stage

Jajah: Cheap VoIP Service Between Conventional Phones

We recently learned about Jajah. This interesting service lets ordinary phones make cheap VoIP calls. The way it works is: You go to the Jajah Web site. You enter your (conventional) phone number and the phone number of the person you’re calling. Jajah calls your (conventional) phone. When you pick up, Jajah calls the person […]... read more »