M&A Services From Ferris Capital Partners

Ferris Capital Partners works with companies that need to complete a merger, acquisition, sale, or joint venture in the messaging industry. We'd like to hear from you if:

  • You're a technology vendor; and
  • You have a good product that fits in the world of messaging and collaboration; and
  • You would like to find a larger organization that acquires your technology

We're seeking technologies that fit into the world of Internet-based human communications--things like email, instant messaging, web conferencing, wikis, blogs, VoIP, RSS, and team workspaces. You need good technology and people. You don't need to be profitable, or have good finances, or be good at marketing, although it doesn't hurt if you are.

Unlike traditional investment banks, we have deep expertise in the messaging industry and a wide network of decision makers. Along the way, we usually bring in OEM deals, help you substantially improve your sales and marketing materials, and increase your overall credibility and visibility. For more information, go here. Or contact David Ferris at david.ferris@ferris.com, or +1 415 367 3436. All discussions are confidential.

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  1. The Daily Incite – April 4, 2006

    April 4, 2006 Good Morning: Pretty light news day, mostly vendor announcements. SAP did acquire Virsa Systems, which I learned about when we were on the RSA Innovation panel back in 2005. They build an application that enforces financial controls dir

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