Why Email Is Used for Collaboration

Email is the most popular collaboration tool. A recent blog post from CentralDesktop explains why, in a clear and entertaining manner. The summary points are that email is:

  • Easy to understand -- Once you’ve learned to use it initially, it's easy.
  • Universal -- Everyone has it.
  • Accessible from anywhere -- At least that’s what we are working towards.
  • Easy to personalize -- Anyone can do it.
  • Manageable and configurable -- Even novices can update their options.
  • Searchable -- An important market trend for email.
  • In your face -- We all read email way too much.
  • It just works.

As a consequence, most collaborative online work is done via email.

The full blog post can be found here, with its readers' comments. Recommended reading for anyone deploying collaboration technology.

... Steve Kille

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