It Doesn’t Matter That Policy Compliance Tools Aren’t Perfect

This is the second bulletin in a series about policy and regulatory compliance tools. These tools are outbound email filters that attempt to stop users from violating organizational policies or legal regulations.

Attempt is the operative word here. These tools can't do a perfect job.

Let's use the same example policy as before: "Only people in the PR Team group are allowed to email press releases to people outside the company." Determining what a press release looks like is an imperfect science. So we'll experience quite a number of false positives -- incorrect detection of a violation when none has occurred.

The important thing is what happens when the tool believes it has spotted a violation. Ideally, such tools should be set up to return the message to its sender, with a warning that a potential policy violation was detected. This is usually better than (say) alerting the user's manager or the HR department.

... Richi Jennings

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