Weblogs and Consumer Teamspaces Are PR, Advertising Targets

Weblogs and Consumer Teamspaces Are PR, Advertising Targets... read more »

Outlook 2007 Spam Control Math Puzzle

There’s a new spam control feature planned for Outlook 2007 that hasn’t received much attention: the math puzzle. When Outlook 2007 tries to submit email to Exchange, Exchange will challenge Outlook with a puzzle, waiting for a correct answer before sending the message. The puzzle is designed to require a significant amount of time to […]... read more »

Collaboration Bad for Police States

Police states fear gatherings of large numbers of people, because they can unpredictably turn into a mob demanding the overthrow of an unpopular government. Internet-based collaboration will quickly make it very difficult to stop large, spontaneous gatherings. Eritrea illustrates. The government is very unpopular with its people. The government refuses to hold elections, because it […]... read more »

New Clustered Replication for Exchange 2007

Exchange 2007 Enterprise Server Edition introduces new replication technology called Clustered Continuous Replication (CCR). This combines automatic management of redundancy and application-level data replication for Exchange. CCR is important because it eliminates the requirement for a shared storage subsystem for your Exchange cluster. Using CCR you can build a geographically distributed cluster, provided you have […]... read more »

Interesting Sales Approach for Content Security

Interesting Sales Approach for Content Security... read more »

The Components of a Consumer Teamspace

The Components of a Consumer Teamspace... read more »

Symantec Security Appliances

Article discussing SymantecÂ’s plans to exit the security appliance business by reducing future investment in the Symantec Gateway Security(SGS), Symantec Network Security, and SGS Advanced Manager 3.0 appliances. read more »

MessageLabs Web Security Services v2.0

MessageLabs announced version 2.0 of Web Security Services, its managed web anti-spyware, anti-virus and URL filtering services. Adds integration with MessageLabs existing email and IM services. Available July 2006. read more »

Skills Inventory Is Side Benefit of Internal Mail Monitoring

Increasingly, organizations monitor the flow of internal email communications among functional groups, divisions, and international sites to detect noncompliant content and proprietary information breaches. A side benefit of monitoring is finding out what the employees know about a particular subject, product, or technology. This knowledge can then be rolled into a skills database, creating a […]... read more »

Vericept announces version 8.0 of Vericept 360°

Vericept announced version 8.0 of Vericept 360�, its
content monitoring and filtering solution. Key enhancements: new dashboard,
reporting, and event investigation, among others.... read more »

Social Aspects of Security Move Center Stage

Social Aspects of Security Move Center Stage... read more »

Successful Email Archiving Industries

It’s tough to implement email archiving. The main challenges are: Getting the product or service to work properly Working out what policies to implement, given the applicable laws and regulations Implementing and enforcing those policies The trading floors of financial services organizations represent the only type of organization to have done all of the above. […]... read more »

Recommended: Computerworld’s Mobile & Wireless World Conference

Recommended: Computerworld’s Mobile & Wireless World Conference... read more »

How Email Has Affected Organizational Complexity

Email has been used in business since about 1980. It has had a major effect on organizational complexity. In a short time, email has: Flattened organizations. Multilevel hierarchies had been well-entrenched for decades. Greatly compressed business cycle times. Things get done much more quickly. Greatly improved the quality of decision-making, since it’s easy to exchange […]... read more »

TechEd Vendor Experience

TechEd Vendor Experience... read more »

Skype Continues to Drive Down Phone Tariffs

On June 21, Skype said its U.S.-based users can have one hour of free international calling to landline phones in 30 countries around the world. Skype recently gave its North America-based customers free calls to other U.S. or Canadian landline phones. This kind of move is quickly helping Skype build its North American presence. It’s […]... read more »

LiveOffice Expands AdvisorMail Email Archiving Service

LiveOffice announced version 5.0 of AdvisorMail, its hosted message archiving solution. Key enhancements: always-on Mail Recovery and new Mailbox Management functionality which provides for offloading of data from in-house mail servers to storage media in the LiveOffice data center. Available immediately. read more »

Are Email Systems Easier to Manage Than 10 Years Ago?

Are Email Systems Easier to Manage Than 10 Years Ago?... read more »

Spyware Control Solutions Should Notify of Calls Home

Spyware Control Solutions Should Notify of Calls Home... read more »

Engate’s Interesting Spin on Reputation Services

We recently heard from Engate, which sells spam control technology to service providers and OEMs. It’s based heavily around a proprietary IP reputation database. The database is built using some unusual and interesting methods. Here are two examples: When a message arrives from an unknown IP address, Engate digs into the published DNS information for […]... read more »

RH Software Report

Red Herring: Click Here for Story... read more »

Tools to Handle Email Overload

Tools to Handle Email Overload... read more »

Be Cautious About Microsoft’s Security Vision

Be Cautious About Microsoft’s Security Vision... read more »

Oracle Content Database and Oracle Records Database

Oracle announced Oracle Content Database and Oracle Records Database, its solution for managing unstructured content. Built on the Oracle Database 10g, allows user to manage enterprise-wide content such as Office documents, PDFs, document images and graphics. Available 3Q2006. read more »

GFI MailSecurity 10

GFI Software released version 10 of GFI MailSecurity, its email security solution. Key enhancements: new anti-virus engine and RSS feeds to notify administrators of quarantined email. Available immediately. read more »

Microsoft Architecture Moves to Client-Server-Service

Microsoft Architecture Moves to Client-Server-Service... read more »

SharePoint Very Important for Microsoft

SharePoint Very Important for Microsoft... read more »

Aliases of Limited Value for Spam Control

One approach to spam control is to give out special email addresses to third parties. For example, you might hand out david.ferris.paypal@example.com rather than just plain david.ferris@example.com. You could then have a much higher level of trust in email sent to david.ferris.paypal@example.com, and you could identify it as coming from the sender you expect it […]... read more »

INBOX Attendance Skyrockets in 2006; INBOX: The Email Event Focuses on Authentication, Compliance, Creative, Delivery and More

TMCnet: Click Here for Story... read more »

UC&C Is Microsoft’s New Term for Messaging and Collaboration

UC&C Is Microsoft’s New Term for Messaging and Collaboration... read more »

Internet “Edge” to Replace “Boundary/Firewall”

Internet “Edge” to Replace “Boundary/Firewall”... read more »

Why Did Microsoft Buy FrontBridge? So It Could Get More Spam!

Last year Microsoft acquired the hosted (or managed) email security service provider FrontBridge. For some time, we’ve been saying that there’s an interesting competitive advantage enjoyed by FrontBridge and other services providers, such as Postini, MessageLabs, and BlackSpider. Companies that offer a service to a large number of customers get to see a lot of […]... read more »

Don’t Assume SharePoint-Based Workflow Development Will Take Off

Don’t Assume SharePoint-Based Workflow Development Will Take Off... read more »

Impact of Remote Wipe on IT Help Desk — Pros and Cons

Impact of Remote Wipe on IT Help Desk — Pros and Cons... read more »

Microsoft Will Offer Soup-to-Nuts Security

A central theme at TechEd is that Microsoft will fulfill four promises. One of these promises is that it will provide a broad range of technologies to protect against malicious software and access. Microsoft figures that security software is around 10% of software spending, around $21 billion annually, so this is also a good business […]... read more »