Microsoft Will Offer Soup-to-Nuts Security

A central theme at TechEd is that Microsoft will fulfill four promises. One of these promises is that it will provide a broad range of technologies to protect against malicious software and access.

Microsoft figures that security software is around 10% of software spending, around $21 billion annually, so this is also a good business opportunity. This is thus a major area of investment. Microsoft plans to provide soup-to-nuts support, under the new Forefront brand. It'll provide protection at four main places:

  • In the Internet -- e.g., the Frontbridge acquisition (in 2005)
  • At the "edge" -- e.g., with ISA Server 2006 (September 2006)
  • On client PCs -- e.g., with Antigen from the Sybari acquisition (July 2006)
  • On servers -- e.g., with Antigen (sometime in 2007)

... David Ferris

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