Ipswitch’s Method to Offer Messaging-as-a-Service

Ipswitch sells Internet email products based on Windows servers. The focus is on small and medium-sized businesses. In its field, Ipswitch is one of the established leaders. The company has recently evolved a way of selling email-as-a-service, via its partner, Rackspace. Rackspace offers managed hosted applications. This usually means Rackspace puts up one or more […]... read more »

Useful OWA Add-ons From Messageware

Useful OWA Add-ons From Messageware... read more »

Symantec Reports Solid First Quarter Revenue and Earnings

Symantec released results for 1Q2007 ended June 30, 2006. Revenue increased 2% to $1.28 billion with a GAAP net income of $95 million. read more »

Clearswift Delivers Simplicity for Enterprise Content Security

Clearswift announced version 2.4 of MIMEsweeper SMTP Appliance, its email security appliance. Key enhancements: additional anti-spam signature technology, multi-appliance support, and peer appliance personal message management, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Scalix to Go Open Source

Scalix plans to open source its Community Edition. This doesn’t affect its Enterprise Edition business, but it should help Scalix be better regarded in the FLOSS community. Scalix is based on technology licensed from HP — specifically, OpenMail. When this analyst was at HP, we thought it would be impossible to open source OpenMail. We […]... read more »

Websense Confirms Second Quarter Results

Websense released results for
2Q2006 ended June 30. Revenue increased 23% to $44.1 million with a GAAP net
income of $8.4 million.... read more »

MessageLabs silent on sale rumors

SC Magazine: Click Here for Story... read more »

MessageLabs Seeks Buyer

Rumor has it that MessageLabs is looking for a buyer, and has engaged UBS as investment banker. We believe the rumor to be correct. All in all, it’s probably a good time for MessageLabs stockholders to sell: Generally, plenty of M&A interest in the malware field — think of the recent acquisition of BlackSpider by […]... read more »

Yahoo! and Symantec Join Forces to Protect Consumers Online

Yahoo! and Symantec announced Norton Internet Security provided by Yahoo!, its security suite. Features Norton AntiVirus and Norton Personal Firewall in a co-branded package. Available immediately. read more »

PGP Innovates With Encrypted Shared Folders

Encryption vendor PGP has just announced NetShare, which provides encrypted access to shared file folders. The approach is interesting because traditional approaches have been problematic. Traditionally, you create a file directory and give access privileges to the people who need access to the directory. However, those users can copy the files elsewhere, such as their […]... read more »

Shock! Horror! Death of Investment Banking!

The Internet has revolutionized the way we purchase many products and services, as some airlines and travel agents may have noticed. A messaging firm, Deluxe Business, with all the latest whizzy Ajax/Web 2.0 bells and whistles, just put itself on sale at eBay. It received 25 bids and sold for $14,300. There goes the investment […]... read more »

Good Idea for Lost Mobile Phone Management

When a mobile phone is lost or stolen, you need to be able to remotely and easily wipe off sensitive information, and preferably lock the phone. Synchronica offers mobile device management technology. Its remote wipe-and-lock has a very nice feature we’ve just learned about. The company call it the "scream" feature. If someone steals your […]... read more »

ODF: Microsoft’s Unusual Approach

On July 5, Microsoft announced that it will fund the development of an open source translation tool between Open XML (the default file format for Office 2007) and Open Document Format (ODF). At first glance this is a somewhat unconventional approach, as opposed to simply developing this capability and building it into its own products. […]... read more »

Armedia Releases Armedia DeepExport Application for EMC Documentum

Armedia released Armedia DeepExport, its deep export solution for the EMC Documentum platform. Provides exporting from an EMC Documentum repository to a local drive all contents of any folder and its subfolders as a utility which once installed will act as a native component to any of EMC Documentum’s browser-based client interfaces. Available immediately. read more »

Message Systems: High-End MTA for ISPs, ESPs

OmniTI is in the process of renaming itself to Message Systems. The company makes specialized, high-end SMTP MTAs. Mainly these are sold to ISPs and email marketers. The firm has a nice, specialized niche. Founded in 1997, it’s self-funded, and has always been profitable. There is a staff of 30. The main selling points for […]... read more »

Collaboration University

Collaboration University 2006 will be held September 13-15, 2006 at the Hyatt Regency Crown Center in Kansas City, Missouri and September 27-29, 2006 at the Sheraton Skyline Hotel and Conference Centre at Heathrow Airport in London, UK. Personalized training and technical sessions on IBM Lotus Sametime and QuickPlace including foundational materials that are the underpinnings […]... read more »

EMC Reports Second Quarter Results

EMC released results for 2Q2006 ended June 30. Revenue increased 10% to $2.57 billion with a GAAP net income of $279 million. read more »

McAfee, Inc. Debuts Security Research Journal ‘Sage’

McAfee published the first issue of “Sage”, its semi-annual security journal designed to update and inform technical personnel and security executives on cutting-edge security topics. Includes the role of financial incentives in malware, the widespread adoption of open source philosophy and practices in malware development, and the effects of increasingly professional-grade malware. Available immediately. read more »

A Little-Known German Spam Control Regulation

In Germany, the law says that organizations must not delete spam once their mail exchanger (MX) has accepted it from the Internet. In effect, you must reject before SMTP’s DATA transaction, or quarantine. So if you’re an international organization and you don’t want to quarantine even the most obvious-looking spam, consider not placing any MXs […]... read more »

Six Apart Releases Movable Type Enterprise and Movable Type 3.3

Six Apart released version 3.3 of Movable Type and Movable Type Enterprise, its blogging solutions. Enterprise key features: LDAP authentication, Oracle 10g database support, and cross-blog publishing and aggregation tools, among others. Version 3.3 key enhancements: tag support to discover posts by topic, tag feeds to discover and subscribe to feeds of entries by topic, […]... read more »

Tool Helps Non-English Speakers Communicate in Email, Other Apps

Tool Helps Non-English Speakers Communicate in Email, Other Apps... read more »

More Evidence of Consolidation in the Email Security Market

On Thursday, SurfControl announced that it acquired BlackSpider Technologies. This is more evidence of the inevitable consolidation happening in the email security market. BlackSpider is a U.K.-based email security service provider. It provides the service in an off-premise model that some call a managed service but we prefer to call a hosted service. Although best […]... read more »

E-Mail Users Losing Money to Online Scams

PC World: Click Here for Story... read more »

CA Acquisition of XOsoft

CA announced the acquisition of XOsoft, a provider of continuous application availability solutions. The terms of the transaction were not announced. read more »

ZANTAZ Announces Expanded Content Archiving And Discovery Tools For Improved Storage Management, Regulatory Compliance And Discovery Readiness

ZANTAZ announced an updates to ZANTAZ First Archive, its archiving and discovery solution. Key enhancements: rapid review which enables researchers to review large numbers of files and messages, document tagging during review which provides a way for the reviewer to add matter-centric tags to each reviewed message or file, and search permissions which enables organizations […]... read more »

Exchange 2007 Promises Bigger Mailboxes and More of Them

One of the interesting new changes in Microsoft Exchange 2007 is an increase in the maximum number of Storage Groups and Mailbox Stores. Exchange 2000/2003 supports a maximum of 20 Mailbox Stores organized in four Storage Groups. With Exchange 2007, you can have as many as 50 Mailbox Stores organized in 50 Storage Groups. By […]... read more »

Q&A: McAfee CEO on battle with Microsoft

Article covers McAfee’s response to Microsoft’s plans to enter the security software market. read more »

How to Optimize Intercontinental OWA Network Traffic

Traveling users will sometimes complain about the performance of Outlook Web Access (OWA), especially if they’ve traveled to another continent. This is usually related more to network latency than to network bandwidth issues (Eritrea being a notable exception). For example, N. American users who travel to Europe can expect to see additional quarter- to half-second […]... read more »

Exchange Email Archiving Needs Message Store Optimization

Exchange Email Archiving Needs Message Store Optimization... read more »

Unified Communications Breaks Social Norms for Contact

Unified Communications (UC) promises good things, but there’s a danger that it will actually make things worse. Look at your business card. It probably has several phone numbers. One for your desk. One for your cell phone. One for your fax machine. Maybe one for your site. Possibly even one for your home. There’s a […]... read more »

Viruses on the Rise

Article discussing although widespread virus outbreaks may be a thing of the past, the total amount of malicious software being written is on the rise. McAfee just added the 200,000th definition to its threat database and it expects the total number of identified threats to double in another two years. read more »

Legitimate email marketers urged to clean lists

vnunet.com: Click Here for Story... read more »

Fake Marketing Concepts: Shills, Astroturfing, and Sock Puppets

Fake Marketing Concepts: Shills, Astroturfing, and Sock Puppets... read more »

Hotmail and Other Services Have Many, Many Spamtraps

Legitimate email marketers need to deal with old email addresses that persistently return nondelivery reports. This isn’t news, but here’s another reason why… Hotmail accounts expire after six months of disuse. This happens often — people sign up for accounts and then soon stop using them for a variety of reasons. For example, users may […]... read more »

Blogs Are Like New, Improved Bulletin Boards

Blogs Are Like New, Improved Bulletin Boards... read more »