Exchange 2007 Promises Bigger Mailboxes and More of Them

One of the interesting new changes in Microsoft Exchange 2007 is an increase in the maximum number of Storage Groups and Mailbox Stores.

Exchange 2000/2003 supports a maximum of 20 Mailbox Stores organized in four Storage Groups. With Exchange 2007, you can have as many as 50 Mailbox Stores organized in 50 Storage Groups.

By supporting more than twice as many Mailbox Stores, you can increase the total mailbox capacity of your Exchange Server. The practical limit of mailboxes is 3,000 to 4,000 mailboxes for Exchange 2007, according to Microsoft representatives at the recent TechEd event in Boston.

What is also interesting about this change is that you can define as many Storage Groups as you do Mailbox Stores. Microsoft recommends that you keep the ratio of Storage Groups and Mailbox Stores 1:1. This provides for improved overall performance and improved recoverability by having one set of transaction log files for each Mailbox Store. Keeping a 1:1 ratio also lets you take advantage of the new Local continuous replication (LCR) and Continuous cluster replication (CCR) features of Exchange 2007.

Exchange 2007 presents some exciting new possibilities for organizing your Storage Groups and Mailbox Stores.

... Bob Spurzem

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