More Evidence of Consolidation in the Email Security Market

On Thursday, SurfControl announced that it acquired BlackSpider Technologies. This is more evidence of the inevitable consolidation happening in the email security market.

BlackSpider is a U.K.-based email security service provider. It provides the service in an off-premise model that some call a managed service but we prefer to call a hosted service. Although best known for email security, it also provides Web security services via a hosted Web proxy model.

Coming as it does hot on the heels of Secure Computing's acquisition of CipherTrust, this is further proof of the direction of the email security market, which is that many of today's "independent" vendors are unlikely to exist in two or three years.

In the near future, the email security market will look completely different than it does today. We'll see a few 800-pound gorillas in place of hundreds of small vendors. It's likely that many vendors will either go out of business, be acquired, or discard their homegrown technology to license another vendor's technology (e.g., from MailShell, Cloudmark, or Commtouch). Those that survive may cease innovating, in an effort to exploit their installed-base cash cows.

The messaging security market can't continue to support the many vendors operating in this area. In addition, many don’t have the expertise, the intellectual property, or the finances to compete, particularly as venture capital firms grow weary of burning their investment with no return in sight.

... Richi Jennings

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  1. By Computerworld's IT Blogwatch on July 14, 2006 at 8:39 AM

    Yahoo! shall! speak! unto! Microsoft! (and tessellation animation)

    YT? LOL@ IT Blogwatch, in which Microsoft and Yahoo! interoperate, instant-messaging-wise. Not to mention some amazing Japanese animated tessellations…

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