Message Systems: High-End MTA for ISPs, ESPs

OmniTI is in the process of renaming itself to Message Systems. The company makes specialized, high-end SMTP MTAs. Mainly these are sold to ISPs and email marketers.

The firm has a nice, specialized niche. Founded in 1997, it's self-funded, and has always been profitable. There is a staff of 30.

The main selling points for ISPs are:

  • Speed and scalability
  • Spam and virus control, and other policy-based management
  • Extensibility (e.g., LDAP integration; custom blacklists and whitelists)
  • Traffic shaping

The main selling points for email marketers (mainly ESPs and large portals, plus some corporates) are:

  • Speed and bandwidth
  • Deliverability management
  • Analytics

... David Ferris

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