This Email Will Self-Destruct

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New Federal Rules Impact Litigation Readiness

Three important new Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will take effect on December 1, 2006, in the United States, unless Congress disapproves: Rules 26 and 34 define electronically stored information and specify the form in which electronically stored information is produced. Rule 37 specifies when information may be disposed of and when it must be […]... read more »

Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange v4.0

Quest Software released version 4.0 of Quest Notes Migrator for Exchange, its Notes to Exchange migration solution. Key enhancements: project management, task scheduling and Quest MessageStats Report Pack for Lotus Notes migration, among others. Available immediately. read more »

IM Driving VoIP

You might think it’s services like Vonage that are driving VoIP use among consumers. Instant messaging is much more important. Many instant messaging services have added VoIP connectivity, and the marriage of IM and presence with VoIP is very natural. In fact, the best-known VoIP service, Skype, is as much an IM network as a […]... read more »

ZANTAZ Tape Cataloging Practice

ZANTAZ released Tape Cataloging Practice, its content archiving and electronic discovery solution. Provides customers with a snapshot of what data is available to discovery prior to any expensive media restoration by running tapes through a tape cataloging analytic to provide a tape library content report. Available immediately. read more »

More Flexible Journaling in Exchange 2007

Journaling exists in current versions of Microsoft Exchange. In Exchange 2007, journaling is much more flexible. Journaling — not to be confused with database logging — currently involves keeping a copy of all email sent and received by a mailbox store. In Exchange 2007, journaling can be configured per mailbox store (database), per distribution list, […]... read more »

Postini Perimeter Manager – Enterprise Edition v6.7

Postini released version 6.7 of Perimeter Manager – Enterprise Edition, its mail security and management solution. Key enhancements: protect your domains from virus-infected emails without registering users, allow users to view quarantined attachments in the Message Center and deliver messages as desired, and new notification settings to inform your users of Attachment Manager quarantines, among […]... read more »

Extend Skype to Mobiles; Growing Skype Third-Party Ecosystem

In September, VoxLib plans to launch Vox for Skype. This runs on your PC and extends Skype to your mobile phone. From your mobile, you can call your PC and: See who’s online Make Skype calls Get your Skype voicemail Make international PSTN calls via SkypeOut The main benefit will probably be the ability to […]... read more »

Managed Folders Adds Retention Capability to Exchange 2007

Managed Folders Adds Retention Capability to Exchange 2007... read more »

Reconnex–Interesting Approach to Outbound Content Control

Reconnex is a young firm focused on detecting and managing the risks of insider threats. Founded in 2003, it has some 70 staff. The firm says customers include WebEx, George Washington University, and Maimonides Medical Center. Reconnex’s product, iGuard, is a content monitoring appliance. It has two very interesting capabilities: Monitoring and scanning in real […]... read more »

Email Archiving Embraces Instant Messaging

Email Archiving Embraces Instant Messaging... read more »

Log File Replication Simplifies Exchange Disaster Recovery

Log File Replication Simplifies Exchange Disaster Recovery... read more »

A way to cut off deadbeats? — Or e-mail overkill?

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Email Cryptography Helps Avoid Bad Debts

If a credit card company were to send statements by email, it might be able to identify which customers are getting into financial difficulties. That’s the interesting claim made by email encryption company Identum. The argument goes like this: When card issuers send paper statements to people, they’re usually opened quickly. However, when people are […]... read more »

InstaColl Offers MS Office ECM Lite

InstaColl offers a sort of lightweight enterprise content management (ECM) for Microsoft Office. Plugins let you: Retain control of documents you’ve distributed Monitor, in real time, when documents are opened and printed, etc. Automatically update content that’s been distributed Define and enforce document lifetime policies, such as review/edit/approval cycles Today, it works mainly with Excel […]... read more »

Email Archiving Systems Need Business Continuity Support

When deploying an email archiving system, you should carefully consider your business continuity needs. Email archiving systems are deployed for various reasons, notably: Reducing mail stored on the server Removing mail stored on clients Complying with regulations In the event a site disaster renders the archival system unusable, email cannot be properly archived. During litigation, […]... read more »

Email Analyst: Service that Tracks Email Campaigns

Email Analyst: Service that Tracks Email Campaigns... read more »

Interesting New SMS Applications

Short Message Service (SMS) is continuing to increase in popularity in North America, catching up with the rest of the world. New applications are coming on the market to take advantage. Also known as text messaging or texting, SMS has been used for communicating with friends and co-workers, and things such as TV Show voting. […]... read more »

Oracle(R) Identity Management 10g Release 3

Oracle released version 3 of Oracle Identity Management 10g, its solution for the management of the end-to-end lifecycle of user identities. Key enhancements: integration of Oracle Identity Manager (formerly known as Oracle Xellerate Identity Provisioning); Oracle Access Manager adds advanced password management capabilities, new performance enhancements, and shared-secret enhancements; and Oracle Virtual Directory adds new […]... read more »

C2C Archive One

C2C released Archive One, its suite of message management products and rapid-response tools. Key features: Compliance Manager that ensures the corporate information store of emails is indexed, archived and stored; Policy Manager which enforces policies for email retention and retrieval; and Access Security Manager which audits and manages access rights, among others. read more »

Email Archiving Solutions Need Scalability

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Expect Ever-Faster Appliances for Content Scanning

Content scanning can take a lot of resources. For example, scanning for viruses, or ensuring certain policies are being satisfied. Appliances are a popular way to implement content scanning. And so it’s not surprising that content scanning appliances are getting ever more powerful. The latest version of Tumbleweed’s MailGate Appliance illustrates. It’s got fast processors […]... read more »

CA 1Q2007: Revenue $956m Profit $35m

CA released results for 1Q2007 ended June 30, 2006. Revenue increased 3% to $956 million with a GAAP net income of $35 million. read more »

Hummingbird 2Q2006: Revenue $66.0m Profit $1.9m

Hummingbird released results for 2Q2006 ended June 30. Revenue increased 7% to $66.0 million with a GAAP net income of $1.9 million. read more »

Trend Micro InterScan Gateway Security Appliance

Trend Micro announced InterScan Gateway Security Appliance, its portfolio of gateway security solution. Key features: designed for mid-sized organizations; incorporates antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, content filtering and URL filtering; and sits behind a customer�s existing firewall/VPN solution, among others. Available immediately.... read more »

Echoworx: Interesting Approach to Email Encryption

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Don’t Trust Caller ID — It Can Be Easily Forged

We’re hearing several reports that phishers are starting to misuse the telephone network. Some wags are calling this vishing (voice phishing). The reason that email phishing is such a threat is that the forged messages are so plausible. Most of us now know that email can be routinely forged, so phishing via email is starting […]... read more »

IBM Acquires FileNet

On Aug 10, 2006, IBM announced it would purchase FileNet (NASDAQ:FILE) for an all-cash transaction of $1.6B. FileNet is a leading vendor of business process and content management solutions, publicly traded as FILE. Deal expected to close in 4Q06. Selected data on FileNet: Revenue (ttm):421.84M EBITDA (ttm):63.53M (15% of revenues) Qtrly Revenue Growth (yoy):7.50% Has […]... read more »

Apple’s Mac OS X “Leopard” — New Messaging and Collaboration Features

This week saw an announcement of new features in the forthcoming "Leopard" release of Mac OS X (10.5). Here’s a quick list of things that caught our eyes: Mail improved HTML support notes and tasks RSS feed aggregator/reader templates iCal CalDAV support dropbox — easily share files for a meeting schedule rooms and other resources […]... read more »

Open Text FirstClass Collaboration Suite v8.3

Open Text released version 8.3 of FirstClass Collaboration Suite, its integrated communications and collaboration suite. Key enhancements: new user interface, support for SyncML for mobile users, and built-in support for blogging and podcasting, among others. Available immediately. read more »

Careful what you search for

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Exchange 2007 Has New Inbound Email Control

Exchange 2007 offers a useful new option to help control inbound email problems. Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and mail system overload are two major problems affecting inbound email. Three main ways to deal with these are: Throttling — The inbound gateway only allows an acceptable number of connections and/or messages at a time. Blacklisting — The […]... read more »

EMC Documentum Information Rights Management & Records Manager 5.3

EMC released EMC Documentum Information Rights Management (IRM) Services and EMC Documentum Records Manager 5.3, its content management solutions. IRM key features: combines EMC content management software with information rights management technology from the acquisition of Authentica, gives content owners more control over information access and use, and maintains a complete audit trail of document […]... read more »

MicrosoftÂ’’s Exchange 2007 Puts Squeeze on Messaging-Security Vendors

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Good Idea: Add Polls to Emails, Blogs, Web Sites

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