New Email Archiving Offering From IBM

On August 1, IBM announced a new email archiving offering, IBM CommonStore eMail Archiving Preload.


  • Aimed at SMBs and channel partners.
  • Provides a full range of email archiving services.
  • Comes in two flavors, for Exchange and Notes/Domino: IBM CommonStore for Exchange Server and IBM CommonStore for Lotus Domino, respectively.
  • Implemented on blades that are inserted into IBM's System x BladeCenter.
  • Built on IBM Content Manager, IBM's content management offering. All emails are extracted and stored in the centralized content repository.
  • All IBM's own code.
  • Scales by inserting new blades.
  • General availability in October.


  • Notes/Domino users will probably be particularly interested, since the email archiving options for Notes/Domino are rather restricted compared with those for Exchange.
  • This is a packaging for SMEs, in blades. We can expect other packagings of essentially the same code in the future; e.g., pure software that organizations can implement themselves in the usual way.
  • This packaging -- via horizontally scalable blades -- may also be attractive to service providers.

... David Ferris and Nancy Cox

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