Useful Directory Synchronization Tool

CPS Systems has a useful and proven data directory tool, SimpleSync. It should be evaluated if you need directory synchronization.


  • Everything syncs to Active Directory.
  • Has LDAP, LDIF, CSV, and ODBC connectors.
  • Tried and true -- since 1999.
  • Main competition: Microsoft's MIIS (formerly called MMS).
  • Typical cost: $10,000 to $60,000.

There are about 300 customers. The main types are:

  • Government and large organizations in many industries. The main driver is synchronizing information about people and their access privileges among different data repositories, especially among different divisions.
  • Military organizations. The technology has a number of security features that are appealing: Connections are from the local directory to the master over secure LDAP. It uses a point-to-point IP address, and the local administrator controls everything.

... David Ferris

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