New Mobile Messaging Offering: Flurrymail

Flurrymail is a new mobile messaging product, launched in January 2006.


  • Designed for the mass market of mobile telephone devices, rather than the high-end smartphone segment.
  • Connects to the main consumer email services.
  • Provides email and RSS reader.
  • Written in Java, Flurrymail is said to work well on some 200 different types of mobile phones.
  • User-friendly configuration.
  • Java client communicates with Flurrymail's server; the server then connects to the consumer service concerned.
  • No particular use of standard messaging protocols, e.g., SyncML, LEMONADE, except when communicating with the consumer service.
  • The plan is that the client will spread virally -- free download from the Web site.
  • Flurrymail hopes to make money through advertising, working with partners, premium services, and upselling data plans.

... David Ferris

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