Interesting New SMS Applications

Short Message Service (SMS) is continuing to increase in popularity in North America, catching up with the rest of the world. New applications are coming on the market to take advantage.

Also known as text messaging or texting, SMS has been used for communicating with friends and co-workers, and things such as TV Show voting. A new round of applications are enabling new uses. A couple of unique examples we found are:

  • Zlango. A new service that uses pictures instead of text to convey a message. Zlango has a large gallery of icons that are accessible through a mobile applet. Users can download the icons to their mobile device to create messages. For example, a figure begging is used to indicate asking. Being language agnostic is one of the interesting aspects of this service. Uses J2ME or Brew.
  • ZapTXT. A new service that allows SMS devices to receive RSS feeds. RSS feeds on mobile devices are not new. ZapTXT enhances the experience by enabling a filter mechanism on the RSS feeds. This enables users to restrict their SMS data to only relevant data. For example, a filter can restrict RSS feeds to only CNN headlines pertaining to Microsoft or Google.

... Josh Maher

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