Reconnex–Interesting Approach to Outbound Content Control

Reconnex is a young firm focused on detecting and managing the risks of insider threats. Founded in 2003, it has some 70 staff. The firm says customers include WebEx, George Washington University, and Maimonides Medical Center.

Reconnex's product, iGuard, is a content monitoring appliance. It has two very interesting capabilities:

  • Monitoring and scanning in real time of sent content across all protocols and ports. This capability is particularly useful in that errant SMTP email content usually scanned only on port 25 would be detected when redirected to any other port.
  • Capturing of policy-defined content in a database. The database can then be used as an investigation tool. For example, when an employee leaves the company the database can be queried to determine exactly what the employee sent to whom in the weeks prior to departure. The database can also be used to find out where information is sent; for example, if malware is gathering and sending out a company's login and password information to a foreign country in which the company does not do business.

... Nancy Cox

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