DEMOfall Showcased Interesting Messaging/Collaboration Start-ups (part 1)

Just as with all DEMO conferences, this year's DEMOfall in San Diego consisted of a series of six-minute pitches -- 67 across two days. Here's a selection, focusing on messaging and collaboration companies. Each comes complete with a link to a video of the vendor's six-minute pitch:

  • System One -- Automatically builds Wikis. Searches local files and the Web for content and then supports collaboration.
  • ThinkFree -- Web-based office suite. Compatibility with Microsoft Office. Documents reside on ThinkFree's servers.
  • -- Lets salespeople chase prospects across e-mail, Web sites, and live online chats. Web analytics focused on sales prospects.
  • Koral -- Content management and collaboration system. Lets information be automatically uploaded, indexed, and tagged, then supports searching documents based on both relevance and popularity.
  • MindTouch -- DekiBox appliance. A Wiki builder in a box that searches for corporate knowledge stored in e-mail.
  • Serebrum -- Axon, another Wiki builder. Trying to break out of the document paradigm.

There's more in a separate bulletin, available to Ferris Research premium newsletter subscribers.

... Richi Jennings, with thanks to Computerworld for help with the summaries

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