PST Archiving Continues to Improve

The management of personal store (PST) files -- local email storage for Outlook and Exchange users -- continues to be a major problem. The main issues are:

  • Regulations compliance
  • Legal discovery
  • Backups
  • Archiving

Historically, email archiving vendors have tended to focus on support for email that's stored on servers. They've ignored local storage. The last six months have seen much better PST support, and clearly there's growing awareness of the need among vendors.

The December 2006 release of AXS-One Compliance Platform illustrates the trend. Version 3.5.5 has PST support, and notable features are:

  • Auto-discovery of PSTs and their owners
  • Automatic archiving of PST content
  • Workflow exemption processing
  • Full audit trails
  • Full search and retrieval of PST information

It pays attention to rules of evidence for processing electronic records. For example, using exemption-based workflow it documents processing exemptions such as a corrupt PST, which requires manual handling to process and then reintroduce into the workflow process. Having the entire end-to-end process as part of the archived record provides valuable information that aids the discovery process, if needed.

... David Ferris

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